SYDNEY 134 William Street, Suite 401 Level 4, Sydney NSW 2011, Australia +61 2 9581 9200

Our Sydney office opened in 2010 and is at the centre of managing client relationships and conducting syndicated and consulting research across Australia and New Zealand.

What makes the Sydney office a productive, interesting and fun place to work?

Across our office, there is a strong emphasis on partnership, ownership and thought leadership. We've created an inclusive and dedicated team that supports one another to grow and win whether in business or in fustal matches – a game similar to soccer but uniquely Australian. We value our CSR commitments and the ability to support local communities through impactful initiatives.

What unique solutions do you provide clients in the Australasia region?

We help our clients understand market dynamics and forecasting scenarios to identify where to play, how to win and the tangible next steps to take, from alternative market frontiers to new segments or channels to enter.

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