Current and Future Drivers of Asia Pacific Consumer Markets

August 2021

The report will explore the key themes transforming consumer behaviour in Asia Pacific in the world beyond the pandemic, namely Digital Living, Rethink Wellness, Sustainable Living, Make My Life Easier and Search for Experiences, and the strategies businesses should invest in to stay relevant, to build on existing brand equity and to create future resilience.

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Key Findings

Digital Living

Digital living is now key to the customer journey in all industries. Asian consumers are becoming familiar with advanced holistic high-tech platforms, super app ecosystems and enhanced last-mile delivery solutions to create easier, smarter lives.

Rethink Wellness

Demand for wellness has been boosted by COVID-19, with consumers increasingly looking for functions enhancing physical and mental wellbeing. Demand for wellness will keep evolving as consumers adopt the “holistic health and wellness” concept.

Sustainable Living

COVID-19 has driven the evolution of sustainability beyond environmental concerns towards a more holistic approach. Consumers will expect brands to play a greater role in protecting the health and wellbeing of their workforce while also helping local communities and the planet.

Make My Life Easier

Consumers enjoy an increase in daily at-home occasions. Products and services with the added value of making consumers’ lives easier, better and safer will continue to win consumers’ preference.

Search for Experiences

Home isolation and pent-up demand for out-of-home experiences is expected to result in lower expenditure on products in a post-pandemic world. Therefore, enhanced consumer engagement and novel experiences are vital for businesses to capture consumer attention and spending.


Asia Pacific - a cradle of opportunity for global companies
Themes transforming Asia Pacific consumer behaviour
Increasing digital adoption offers great potential to consumer markets
Key trends in brief
Trend manifestation across FMCG redefining Asia Pacific consumer landscape
Digital Living: mobile becoming embedded in Asian lifestyles
Digital Living: where to play?
Digital Living: wide variety in digitalisation
South Korea: Retailing; new business models (social selling) Kakao Talk Gift: Sending gifts via SNS disrupts e-commerce
China: Retailing; higher e-commerce penetration Alibaba Group: New business models key to ongoing success
Digital Living: future outlook
Digital Living: what should businesses focus on?
Rethink Wellness: i mmunity and emotional wellbeing come to the fore
Rethink Wellness: where to play?
Rethink Wellness : gains momentum post-pandemic
India: packaged food; b ack to basics Kapiva Ayurveda: offers new formats
Indonesia: consumer health; telehealth Halodoc : universalising healthcare in Indonesia
Rethink Wellness: future outlook
Rethink Wellness: what should businesses focus on?
Sustainable Living: sustainable awareness increased despite the pandemic
Sustainable Living: where to play?
Sustainable Living: China, Japan, Australia and Vietnam have a huge potential
Japan: food and nutrition; sustainable sourcing Next Meat : gearing up for global expansion to “Not let the Earth end”
Vietnam: consumer foodservice; social inclusion ABC Bakery: virtuous circle to support local and reduce food waste
Sustainable Living: future outlook
Sustainable Living: what should businesses focus on?
Make My Life Easier: c onsumers looking to improve their daily lives
Make My Life Easier: w here to play?
Make My Life Easier: consumers crave frictionless shopping
ASEAN: services and payments; contactless retail Atome : Driving “buy now pay later” to support cashless
Singapore: Retailing; virtual hits mainstream Decathlon: app to digitalise in-store experience
Make My Life Easier: future outlook
Make My Life Easier: what should businesses focus on?
Search For Experiences: h ome as hub for Asian experiential consumer
Search For Experiences: where to play?
Search For Experiences: d eveloping countries want curated experiences
Japan: beauty and personal care; immersive technologies Shiseido: building new retail experiences through digital transformation
China: home and tech; smart appliances Joyoung : catering to local and diverse consumer preferences at home
Search For Experiences: future outlook
Search For Experiences: what should businesses focus on?
Current and future drivers of Asia Pacific consumer markets
Planning business transformation in Asia Pacific: A post-crisis future
Key recommendations for business


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