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The vast amount of ecommerce data available can be powerful. The biggest challenge is collecting and organising it in a way that provides actionable insights. Via is a brand-new tool that extracts online retailer data daily, providing continuous updates to data that can be organised by category, suppliers, brand, SKUs and retailers.

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Beauty and Personal Care in Mexico

Having declined sharply during 2020, retail constant value sales (2021 prices) of beauty and personal care in Mexico saw no more than a partial rebound during…

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Beauty and Personal Care in New Zealand

With the concept of beauty becoming increasingly globalised, inclusivity and diversity have become fundamental components of highly relevant brand messages. As…

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Beauty and Personal Care in China

Beauty and personal care saw a quick rebound in its growth rate in 2021, after experiencing a slowdown in growth in 2020, caused by COVID-19. Consumers’…

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