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Market research for the pet care industry

Euromonitor has the world’s most comprehensive research on the pet care industry. We monitor and analyse industry trends in pet care globally, including in-depth data on market share and market size – from the “big picture” down to specific category levels. Categories in pet care include:

Euromonitor data and market analysis advances your knowledge of the industry and its competitive environment, ensuring accurate and focused strategies for your business. Our market research can be used throughout your entire organisation, including strategic development, marketing, mergers and acquisitions, and brand management.



Country Report

Pet Care in Israel

Pet care grew slightly faster in retail volume terms in 2013 than in 2012. Although prices increased and expenditure shrank, Israelis continued to enjoy owning pets. The main pets were dogs and cats, however ownership of other pets also increased. ...

Jul 2014 | US$1,900 | Pages: 49 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Dog Food in Israel

The health and wellness trend, which reshaped the dog food category over the latter part of the review period, is expected to continue in 2014. Most new brands and products which entered the category were either organic, natural, or had other ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 31 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cat Food in Israel

Consumers began to realise that as pet food becomes healthier, so does the life expectancy of the pet. In 2013, the health revolution spread towards pets, and promotions were observed for healthy, organic, and even vegetarian food for cats and other ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 29 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Other Pet Food in Israel

No significant changes in the other pet food category are anticipated in 2014. Other pet food will remain a niche category. Small mammal/reptile food is expected to post the highest growth in 2014. Small mammals, such as hamsters, are ideal for ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 24 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Pet Products in Israel

Generally, consumers spend money on pet toys and such products when they first buy their pet, and only when necessary after that. Due to a uniquely cold winter in 2013, many bought their pets clothing to keep them warm. Many pets live in ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 22 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Cat Food in the US

Relative to 2013’s trends and development, during 2014, no significant changes are expected in cat food. The category will continue to derive most of its growth from high value growth rates in cat treats and in the premium dry and wet cat food ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 39 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Dog Food in the US

2013 lived up to prior year market expectations with volume sales growing at less than 1%. The decelerated, yet positive growth reflects the effects of the dog population’s dynamics, which, whilst exhibiting a constant growth of 1% a year, translate ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 43 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Other Pet Food in the US

The main characteristic for other pet food during 2013 was a rebound (relative to previous years) in other pet populations. Other pet populations achieved positive growth in 2013 for the first time after several years in decline, primarily due to ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 28 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Pet Care in the US

US pet care growth improved in 2013 due to moderately improved volume sales and especially through ongoing product premiumisation. Dog and cat treats and non-therapeutic premium pet food led the pet food industry’s growth. The increased humanisation ...

Jul 2014 | US$1,900 | Pages: 75 | Add to cart | View details

Country Report

Pet Products in the US

Through the humanisation of pets, US value sales of pet care per pet continue to exceed those of comparable developed markets, with Americans continuously increasing their spending on pets over the review period despite challenging economic ...

Jul 2014 | US$900 | Pages: 35 | Add to cart | View details

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