Analgesics in Bolivia

September 2022
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Understand the latest market trends and future growth opportunities for the Analgesics industry in Bolivia with research from Euromonitor International's team of in-country analysts – experts by industry and geographic specialisation.

Key trends are clearly and succinctly summarised alongside the most current research data available. Understand and assess competitive threats and plan corporate strategy with our qualitative analysis, insight and confident growth projections.

If you're in the Analgesics industry in Bolivia, our research will help you to make informed, intelligent decisions; to recognise and profit from opportunity, or to offer resilience amidst market uncertainty.

The Analgesics in Bolivia report includes:

  • Analysis of key supply-side and demand trends
  • Detailed segmentation of international and local products
  • Historic volume and value sizes, company and brand market shares
  • Five year forecasts of market trends and market growth
  • Robust and transparent research methodology, conducted in-country

This report answers:

  • What is the market size of Analgesics in Bolivia?
  • Which are the leading brands in Analgesics in Bolivia?
  • How are products distributed in Analgesics in Bolivia?
  • How has the regulatory and operating environment for Analgesics changed in Bolivia?
  • How are considerations such as stress, self-medication and shifting consumer lifestyles shaping demand for Analgesics
  • How significant are wider health concerns and consumer awareness in determining sales?
  • Where is future growth expected to be most dynamic?

Analgesics in Bolivia - Category analysis



Systemic analgesics contracts as demand normalises post-pandemic
The return to the normalisation of physical activities is reflected in the organic growth of topical analgesics
Flogiatrin gaining ground supported by free sampling


Analgesics growth to benefit from improved knowledge and access in rural communities
Growing threat from illegal trade of analgesics
Fast-relief systemic analgesics to gain popularity


Table 1 Sales of Analgesics by Category: Value 2017-2022 Table 2 Sales of Analgesics by Category: % Value Growth 2017-2022 Table 3 NBO Company Shares of Analgesics: % Value 2018-2022 Table 4 LBN Brand Shares of Analgesics: % Value 2019-2022 Table 5 Forecast Sales of Analgesics by Category: Value 2022-2027 Table 6 Forecast Sales of Analgesics by Category: % Value Growth 2022-2027

Consumer Health in Bolivia - Industry Overview


Consumer health in 2022: The big picture
2022 key trends
Competitive landscape
Retailing developments
What next for consumer health?


Table 7 Consumer Expenditure on Health Goods and Medical Services: Value 2017-2022 Table 8 Life Expectancy at Birth 2017-2022


Table 9 Sales of Consumer Health by Category: Value 2017-2022 Table 10 Sales of Consumer Health by Category: % Value Growth 2017-2022 Table 11 NBO Company Shares of Consumer Health: % Value 2018-2022 Table 12 LBN Brand Shares of Consumer Health: % Value 2019-2022 Table 13 Distribution of Consumer Health by Format: % Value 2017-2022 Table 14 Distribution of Consumer Health by Format and Category: % Value 2022 Table 15 Forecast Sales of Consumer Health by Category: Value 2022-2027 Table 16 Forecast Sales of Consumer Health by Category: % Value Growth 2022-2027


OTC registration and classification
Vitamins and dietary supplements registration and classification
Self-medication/self-care and preventive medicine




Summary 1 Research Sources
The following categories and subcategories are included:


      • Adult Acetaminophen
      • Adult Aspirin
      • Adult Combination Products - Analgesics
      • Adult Diclofenac
      • Adult Dipyrone
      • Adult Ibuprofen
      • Adult Ketoprofen
      • Adult Naproxen
      • Adult OTC Triptans
      • Paediatric Acetaminophen
      • Paediatric Aspirin
      • Paediatric Combination Products - Analgesics
      • Paediatric Dipyrone
      • Paediatric Ibuprofen
      • Paediatric Naproxen
      • Acetaminophen
      • Aspirin
      • Combination Products - Analgesics
      • Diclofenac
      • Dipyrone
      • Ibuprofen
      • Ketoprofen
      • Naproxen
      • OTC Triptans
  • Topical Analgesics/Anaesthetic


Analgesics cover systemic and topical pain relievers. Products which include a pain-relief ingredient in addition to another core function are excluded (e.g. a sore throat remedy which includes paracetamol is excluded from the analgesics and instead is included in pharyngeal remedies).

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