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Corporate Social Responsibility

Euromonitor encourages employees to donate and volunteer for charitable organisations in their communities. 


Euromonitor has adopted a number of environmental initiatives and continues to develop more:

  • Target to reduce energy consumption by 5% globally

  • Introduction of comprehensive recycling systems reducing waste generation

  • The impact of flight emissions are balanced through the World Land Trust’s Carbon Balanced Programme and Save the Orangutan

  • Annual Green Week to raise awareness of the employee impact on the environment

Community Action

Company volunteers can make a real difference to local communities. In recognition of the benefits to both the community and employees, Euromonitor staff take up to two days paid leave a year to spend volunteering, either with a Euromonitor supported partnership or with a not-for-profit organisation of their choosing.


Euromonitor has actively supported charitable organisations for many years.  Our giving is driven by staff engagement with each regional office supporting local organisations.

Our programmes include:

  • Annual donations to staff supported charities

  • Matching funds raised by employees through charity events

  • Supporting in-office charitable activities

  • Payroll giving

Global Partnership

Our global partner since August 2014 is Just a Drop. We donate 1% of all online sales to the international water charity.

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Responsible business

Euromonitor International has been a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact since May 2012 and is fully committed to supporting and upholding all 10 principles. 


Through cautious business practices, we ensure there is no slavery or human trafficking in our business and supply chain.


read more in our blog 

For more information regarding our initiatives and to receive regular updates on our corporate responsibility projects, read our blog from CSR manager Cat Hodgson. 

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