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Consumer Electronics

Our Passport Consumer Electronics database helps redirect assumptions and uncover new opportunities with global insights on category trends in 47 country markets worldwide.

With intuitive navigation to statistics and analysis, Passport Consumer Electronics helps move your business forward with a stronger strategic direction.


Inform market entry strategies

Assess category growth at the lowest level to help benchmark the most attractive countries for growth, cluster markets that have similar trends and forecast how category performance will change in the future.

Keep your innovation pipeline full

Uncover whitespace opportunities, analyse best practices of competitors and stay up to date on trends around the world to help refine and prioritise how you approach an attractive market.

Benchmark competition

Measure performance of multi-nationals and local brands and set realistic growth targets by understanding your company share and growth relative to competitors globally, regionally and by country, providing context and direction to how you allocate resources.

Examine distribution trends

Explore the full range of potential channels to maximise revenue and explore the omni-channel dynamics within each product category.


  • 16 years of comparable data
  • 5 years of forecasts
  • 11 years of historic data
  • Volume sales in units
  • Value sales at retail selling prices (RSP) for all products
  • Value sales at manufacturer selling price (MSP) for computers (business)
  • Company data by global brand owner and local brand owner
  • Brand data by global brand name and local brand name


  • TVs Network Connectivity: Internet (Smart) TV vs. other TV
  • LCD TVs by screen type: LED vs. CCFL
  • TVs by screen type: 3D vs. non-3D 
  • Mobile phones by type of contract
  • Smartphones by OS
  • Smartphones by screen size
  • Tablets by OS
  • Tablets by form factor: Convertible vs. stand-alone
  • Laptops by form factor: Convertible vs. fixed
  • Digital cameras by type: Fixed lens vs. DSLR vs compact system
  • Mobile phones through electronics and appliance specialist retailers
  • Sales by type of household: Rural vs. urban


  • Dashboards deliver a visual representation of category, company and channel performance to reveal future opportunities and threats 

  • Global reports on the latest market trends, new product activity and emerging growth  sectors examine the market from a global and regional perspective

  • Country reports analyse key trends and developments in 47 national markets for all product categories, competitors and channels 

  • Company profiles evaluate the market position and financial performance of the leading national and international players

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