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Euromonitor International analyses the trends that the Coronavirus pandemic continues to shape. Our analysis, analytics and scenarios cut through the uncertainty, separating permanent shifts from temporary change, enabling you to adapt to the new consumer and economic landscape.

Coronavirus: Price and Availability Tracker

This dashboard uses data from our pricing intelligence tool Via. It shows the impact of COVID-19 on ecommerce prices and product availability for selected consumer goods categories in 40 countries. Choose from the data visualisation options at the left, and then use the filters to select countries, categories, date range and metrics. 

Metric 1 – Available SKUs: See the daily number of SKUs available for each country and category in a heatmap table. 
Metric 2 - % Out of Stock: See the daily proportion of SKUs flagged as out of stock on retailer websites for each country and category in a heatmap table. 
Metric 3 - Median Price Index: See daily price changes for each country and category in median price index line charts. 

Data for each country and product category updates daily, and you can explore number of Available SKUs, % out of stock levels and median price movements going back to 1 January 2020.

The coronavirus price and availability tracker tool is best viewed on screens wider than 990px.

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