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Barcelona Fashion Summit

Palau de la Música Catalana, Spain
Marguerite Le Rolland Profile Picture
Marguerite Le Rolland Research Manager

Session date and time:

9 Feb 23 | CET: 12:15 PM - 9 Feb 23 | CET: 12:45 PM

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Barcelona Fashion Summit is the main meeting point for professionals in the fashion business in Spain, a forum that brings together the top executives of the sector around a program of keynotes and panels with the leading experts and executives of this industry. In 2023, the event will host its 11th edition at the Palau de la Música Catalana. With the claim of going “back to basics”, Barcelona Fashion Summit will invite the executives of the fashion industry to re-analyse the fashion fundamentals.

Session title: The limit of e-commerce growth in the fashion industry
Session description: After a dramatic rise due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, the growth of ecommerce sales in fashion has been slowing down in Europe since the gradual easing of restrictions. Today, if consumers largely expect the convenience of ecommerce, they also strive for a personal service and distinctive experiences that only physical stores seem able to deliver.
Euromonitor’s presentation will take the audience through the driving forces that are shaping up the Apparel and Footwear ecommerce sector in Spain and Europe and highlight the opportunities and challenges they represent for fashion players.
Date and time of the EMI session: 9 February 2023, 12.11-12.45 CET
Name and title of speaker involved: Marguerite LeRolland, Industry Manager Apparel and Footwear
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Fflur Roberts

1 Mar 23

The world continues to be a challenging place in 2023. Just as we thought it was safe to re-engage after the pandemic, the global economy started to look fragile again. In this video Fflur Roberts and Marguerite LeRolland, Euromonitor’s respective Heads of Luxury Goods and Fashion, discuss what they think will be the most impactful trends in the year ahead. How is the industry adapting to new retail preferences as our new lifestyles and working habits take form? What value propositions are consumers looking for in an inflationary environment and a cost-of-living crisis where spending is being squeezed. With the growing urgency in sustainability, what new business models are we likely to see filtering through?


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Euromonitor International’s Renovation, Innovation and Disruption framework helps businesses understand how to respond and execute change with a varying impact on their markets. Here we focus on renovation, and analyse how brands globally are turning this into an opportunity for growth.


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Alexander Göransson

7 Dec 22

In its autumn budget the UK government announced that it would be re-instating VAT reclaim shopping for inbound tourists (AKA duty free), marking a U-turn as this was abolished in 2021 when the market was worth GBP3 billion, annually. Here we discuss the potential for VAT re-claim once re-instated, the wider role of shopping as a driver of tourism to the UK and how other industries may benefit, such as luxury.


Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Luxury and Fashion: What’s Here and What’s Next?

Marguerite Le Rolland

Marguerite Le Rolland

15 Aug 22

Adeife Onwuzulike, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) at Euromonitor International, shares her expertise and knowledge in this area with Marguerite LeRolland, Head of Fashion and Fflur Robert, Head of Luxury at Euromonitor International and addresses questions around what’s here now and what’s to come next.


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Female athletes have strong potential to connect with audiences, not only through showcasing the highest levels of skill and athleticism, but also through what they can achieve beyond the playing field.

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