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Low-and-no-sugar beverages: from soda 2.0 to flavored waters, webinar hosted by FoodNavigator-USA

Howard Telford Profile Picture
Howard Telford Senior Industry Manager- Soft Drinks

Session date and time:

26 Jul 22 | CT: 12:00 PM - 26 Jul 22 | CT: 01:00 PM

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Beverage brands are under increasing pressure to reduce or eliminate sugar as consumers look to avoid ‘empty calories’ or ‘drinking their calories.’ We bring together a panel of experts to explore what’s trending in the low and no sugar arena, from low-sugar drinks for kids to the next generation of flavored waters.
Session title: Low-and-no-sugar beverages: from soda 2.0 to flavored waters
Session description: For this specific event we do not have it (it will be a very brief 10-min presentation on the topic above, then a panel discussion on the same topic).
Date and time of the EMI session: DATE: JULY 26, 2022 START TIME: 12:00PM EDT (NEW YORK) | 11:00AM CT (CHICAGO) | 6:00PM CEST (PARIS)
Name and title of speaker involved: Howard Telford, Head of Soft Drinks
This webinar will also be available to watch on demand. 
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Nik Allen

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As explored in Euromonitor International’s recent food-focused article, the Institute of Food Technologist’s (IFT) annual conference highlights the newest developments in food and ingredient production, research, and innovation. While the primary focus of the conference was on trends and breakthroughs in the food industry, the implications of the findings and concerns in the edible space hold relevance in the potable space. The nutritional trends and expansive academic studies warrant a closer look.


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Tracking and monitoring NPD is a vital part of innovation strategy. Understanding where innovation is happening and who is innovating allows companies to benchmark with their portfolios and identify where opportunities lie. Using the newly developed NPL tool, Euromonitor identified Singapore as a continued hub for innovation in soft drinks.


Soft Drinks in the Americas: How Gen Z is Investing in Health

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As Gen Z will become the main consumer force in the future, it is important to understand how they are building their habits and preferences. At the same time, there is a fast evolution in the soft drinks industry to move away from the old perception of it being unhealthy, towards more health and wellness products.


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The Sub-Saharan African (SSA) soft drinks industry has been subject to high rates of inflation in 2022, causing a shift in manufacturer strategies to offset rising input costs. This article will provide an overview of rising prices of soft drinks in SSA, with a focus on carbonates, water and energy drinks. Thereafter, several key strategies – such as shrinkflation, localisation, price point management and promotions – will be discussed, to show how manufacturers can reduce the impact of inflation on their profit margins.


SoftDrinks Tech

Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International

Holiday Inn Anhembi Rua Professor Milton Rodrigues, 100 Parque Anhembi, São Paulo-SP, CEP: 02009-040, Brasil 3 Nov 22 | Brazil Time: 09:00 AM

Finalmente o mercado de bebidas não alcoólicas tem um evento exclusivo para conhecer novas tecnologias, insumos, máquinas e ingredientes. Em um cenário altamente favorável ao consumo de bebidas não alcóolicas, a SOFTDRINKS, através de seus expositores, tem o compromisso de oferecer soluções para melhora de produção, qualidade e inovações para os fabricantes de bebidas.

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