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Cleaning Products US

Washington D.C.
David Mackinson Profile Picture
David Mackinson Research Manager​

Session date and time:

29 Sep 21 | ET: 01:00 AM - 30 Sep 21 | ET: 01:00 AM

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Returning to Washington D.C. in 2021, Cleaning Products US will bring together leading representatives from across the home and personal care sector – including household and cleaning products manufacturers, chemical suppliers, regulatory bodies and retailers – to discuss trends and challenges and share knowledge and ideas.

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Session title: Dosage in Laundry Care: Why Does It Matter?

Session description: Dosage on the surface appears pedestrian; slow, glacial change over long periods, intersected by brand-led compaction activity and bouts of regulation. The truth is, dosage in laundry and dishwashing is a complicated business driven by supply side forces, impacting not only the brands themselves but ingredients, packaging and retail partners. Evidence in 2020 suggests we have already seen the beginning of the end of dosage as we know it in the world’s high-value markets.

Changing market forces will, in the matter of a decade, revolutionize age-old practices like laundry to the point where they will become less recognizable, with new levels of complexity necessitating a radical departure from current dosage practices. This change brings significant opportunities through the act of disruption. While these trends will penetrate the developing world, we are looking at a two tier system which places even more emphasis on getting the element of human intervention right in some of the world's most populous and lower income regions.

Session date and time: 29 September at 9:30am EDT

Speaker name: David Mackinson, Senior Research Manager, Euromonitor International

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