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Cookware and Bakeware Alliance Annual Meeting

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Euromonitor International

Session date and time:

6 May 22 | ET: 02:00 PM - 6 May 22 | ET: 03:00 PM

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Session title: Consumer market for homewares in North America: trends, growth outlook and disruptors
Session description: The North American consumer market for homewares (U.S. and Canada combined) generated close to USD20 billion in retail sales in 2021 and is projected to generate an additional USD1.5 billion in incremental sales by 2026. In addition to a number of trends that have been shaping demand for homewares in the region over the past few years, pandemic and post-pandemic recovery have further unlocked opportunities and challenges for the industry.
Euromonitor’s presentation will discuss:
1) Current trends and forecast outlook for the homewares industry in North America in the context of macro-economic volatility and pricing pressures
2) Consumer shifts in at-home cooking and eating habits that shape demand for the number of categories in homewares
3) Disruption and competition for the kitchen space, driven in large part by the evolution of business models in consumer appliances
4) Tech and digitalization in brand engagement and consumer interaction
5) Sustainability reckoning – from consumer focus on a variety of green activities, including food waste and packaging, to changing regulatory pressures
The presentation will conclude with strategic recommendations for the industry.
Date and time of the session: 6 May 2022, 2:00 - 3:00pm EST
Name and title of the speaker: Catalina Flores, Research Analyst
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