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Seamless Asia 2022

Herbert Yum Profile Picture
Herbert Yum Research Manager

Session date and time:

23 Jun 22 | SGT: 12:00 PM -

23 Jun 22 | SGT: 01:00 PM

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Asia’s leading event on the future of commerce is returning virtually once more on 22-23 June 2022. Join Asia’s payments, banking & e-commerce leaders live online as we come together to share our experiences and navigate the challenges we are all facing.
Over two days, Seamless Asia 2022 will bring you insights from more than 100 banking, payments and e-commerce leaders across a series of live panel debates and presentations. Join in live from wherever you are or watch the sessions on-demand.
Session title: Winning omnichannel: What you need to be doing and why
Session description:
1) What are the major differences when setting and implementing an effective omnichannel strategy in Asia, compared to other regions? [Consumer behaviour / ESG / Infrastructure / Culture, etc.]
2) Adoption of Technology – the boom of e-commerce before the pandemic time is mainly driven by the high penetration of smartphones and mobile apps. Now we have many more fancy technologies including NFT, Metaverse and BNPL which improve the overall shopping and payment experience, what shall businesses do during the next generation of technology advancement?
3) ESG has been the hottest topic before, during and after the pandemic time, does the ESG agenda have anything to do with the future omnichannel strategy?
Date and time of the EMI session: 23 June 2022, 12:00-13:00 PM SGT
Name and title of all speaker involved: Herbert Yum, Research Manager
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