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Trippin' Blue 2021

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Euromonitor International

Session date and time:

12 Oct 21 | CT: 09:00 AM - 14 Oct 21 | CT: 02:00 PM

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Trippin' Blue is a denim research trip that inspires through creative innovation and new production horizons. Bringing together relevant leaders of the fashion industry to talk about experiences, challenges, solutions, opportunities, innovations and the future of denim.

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Session title: Las 3 principales tendencias impactando el vestuario y calzado en América Latina

Session description: El impacto del COVID-19 generó conciencia sobre las consecuencias ambientales que tienen los hábitos de consumo en el planeta. Las empresas que demuestran soluciones impulsadas por un propósito y compromisos sostenibles como parte del negocio principal están aumentando para seguir siendo relevantes. Como resultado, actualmente se destacan tres tendencias en América Latina, a saber, la casualización, la sostenibilidad y la digitalización. Debido a los efectos de la pandemia, los consumidores están aumentando su interés en las marcas que ofrecen una combinación de atributos técnicos, elásticos y de calle para una apariencia más relajada. Los confinamientos prolongados redujeron las ocasiones sociales y la adopción acelerada del trabajo desde el hogar está promoviendo la transición hacia una apariencia más "despreocupada" de la vida diaria.

Session date and time: Thursday, 14 October at 9:35am CDT

Speaker names and titles:

Jorge Zúñiga, senior research analyst

Carmen Silva, senior research analyst

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Marguerite LeRolland

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Marguerite LeRolland

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As Global Fashion Agenda’s (GFA) Global Fashion Summit is about to take place in Copenhagen on 27-28 June, Euromonitor International looks at today’s key market pressures that are driving positive change in the fashion industry and, in particular, discusses the next generation of sustainable man-made fibres and how they hold the potential to change the way fashion is produced, marketed, and consumed.


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Fflur Roberts

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The world continues to be a challenging place in 2023. Just as we thought it was safe to re-engage after the pandemic, the global economy started to look fragile again. In this video Fflur Roberts and Marguerite LeRolland, Euromonitor’s respective Heads of Luxury Goods and Fashion, discuss what they think will be the most impactful trends in the year ahead. How is the industry adapting to new retail preferences as our new lifestyles and working habits take form? What value propositions are consumers looking for in an inflationary environment and a cost-of-living crisis where spending is being squeezed. With the growing urgency in sustainability, what new business models are we likely to see filtering through?

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