Natura&Co in Beauty and Personal Care

September 2023

Natura&Co maintains its leadership in mass fragrances, holding the fifth position in the category overall. The macroeconomic challenges from the Russia-Ukraine war and accelerating inflation have impacted Avon International and The Body Shop. Nevertheless, Natura has thrived, especially in Latin America where brand integration advances. As consumers prioritize value for money and conscious beauty, sustainable innovations paired with quality provide added value through competitive pricing.

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Executive summary
Top companies at a glance
Latin America remains Natura’s largest region for sales in 2022
Fragrances remains the leading category, but regional performance is diverse in 2022
Natura&Co's growth from Market Momentum and MnA , despite stable Market Share
F rom expansion to o ptimisation : The positive impact of a convergent purpose among brands
For every BRL1 of revenue, Natura generates BRL2.7 of positive socio-environmental impact
Natura&Co inspires public policies for the protection of women in Brazil
Natura was the first publicly traded company to achieve B Corporation certification
Natura&Co innovates in products connecting quality and sustainability
Consumer perceptions of Natura&Co brands
Natura&Co expected to climb in rank, but Aesop sale and The Body Shop cast uncertainty
Euromonitor's latest projections for 2023 predict growth in Latin America for Natura&Co
LATAM remains Natura&Co's primary market, despite the slight decline in share in 2022
The Body Shop’s dips in largest markets too big to offset growth in smaller, emerging markets
Natura&Co benefits from online presence across a diversified product portfolio
Operations are optimised through digitisation and financial services offered by &Co Pay
Emotional connection in d irect selling converges with digital channels through social selling
Natura&Co maintains stability in market share after the leap taken in 2020
L’Oréal Groupe remains Natura&Co’s biggest competitor
Strong category penetration for Natura&Co in fragrances, skin care and bath and shower
Resilient Latin American presence amid global challenges
Natura&Co reduces operations in Russia and reaffirms its responsibility for human rights
Beauty and personal care remains top industry for direct selling despite channel slowdown
Brazil remains the main direct selling market for beauty and personal care in the world
Enhancing brand trust: Digitisation expands reach while shared values deepen connection
Natura&Co is at the forefront of the process of democratising access to sustainable products
Consumer perceptions, direct selling brands: Ingredients and quality stand out for Natura
Natura&Co maintains fifth position globally in fragrances and leadership in mass segment
Ingredient-led beauty: Fragrance innovation in sustainability combined with quality
Natura&Co sustains eighth global position in skin care with prominence in body care
Expanding wellness frontiers through skin care: Correlation with fragrances
Natura&Co drops from sixth to 10th in colour cosmetics between 2020 and 2022
Avon ramps up presence on TikTok to reach Generation Z consumers
Executive summary
Projected company sales: FAQs (1/2)
Projected company sales: FAQs (2/2)
Overview of Beauty Survey: Product and brand coverage
Overview of Beauty Survey

Beauty and Personal Care

This is the aggregation of baby and child-specific products, bath & shower, deodorants, hair care, colour cosmetics, men's grooming, oral hygiene, fragrances, skin care, depilatories and sun care. Black market sales and travel retail are excluded.

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