PepsiCo Inc in Snacks

January 2022

In 2021, PepsiCo remains by far the leading player in savoury snacks globally. The global pandemic has benefited the company with expansion as consumers increased their time at home and their need for convenience and indulgent food. Through acquisitions and partnerships, PepsiCo innovates in the industry and expands geographically. Today, healthier snacks is a key priority in PepsiCo’s long-term strategy as regulations and consumers’ expectations rise across the globe.

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Executive summary

State of Play

Top companies at a glance
PepsiCo’s global footprint
US remains PepsiCo’s first snacks market, generating half its revenue
Global pandemic and home seclusion boosted PepsiCo sales globally
PepsiCo and Beyond Meat joint venture to form the PLANeT partnership

Exposure To Future Growth

PepsiCo’s local and agile strategies respond effectively to the pandemic
Leading brands are all investing in heathier products to stay competitive

Competitive Positioning

Almost all snacks players have seen positive performance in the wake of COVID-19
PepsiCo’s leadership in savoury snacks widens the gap other global players
PepsiCo ranks first in salty snacks across more than 40 countries
Six out of the 10 leading snacks brands are owned by PepsiCo
Product reformulation and health claims to fit with government agenda
Cheetos returns to the UK in 2021
PepsiCo innovates within all brands to boost consumers’ interest

Savoury Snacks

In China, PepsiCo’s new brand Be & Cheery targets children with seafood snacks
The UK is ahead globally in regulation around fat and sugar content in food
Diverse channel path to help local and boost impulse purchasing in the UK
In India, competitors gain share offering bigger portions per package

Sweet Biscuits, Snack Bars and Fruit Snacks

Quaker loses share in the US as newly-acquired brands grow across channels
Be & Cheery drives growth in China in fruit snacks
Claims regulations in Mexico around sugar could hamper biscuits’ growth

Key Findings

Key findings


Projected company sales: FAQs (1)
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