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Manchester United and NFL Remain the Most Commercially Attractive Club and League Globally in 2021

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DÜSSELDORF, GERMANY – In its latest webinar ‘Measuring Disruption and Recovery in Professional Sports’, Euromonitor International announced the world’s top performing sports clubs and leagues ranked by commercial attractiveness in 2021.

According to Euromonitor International’s indices, the major leagues in the US and football clubs in Europe remain the most commercially attractive and resilient sports organisations globally, guaranteeing a high return on investment for sponsors during the pandemic.

“The leading clubs and leagues boast an extensive global reach on digital media, helping to ensure high brand exposure for sponsors during this time of uncertainty,” comments Egle Tekutyte, senior sports analyst at Euromonitor International.

Euromonitor International ranked the top five sports clubs and leagues in 2021 by commercial attractiveness, including their position today compared to 2020:

Top five Club Index 2021:

  1. Manchester United (Premier League) +-0
  2. Real Madrid (La Liga) +1
  3. FC Barcelona (La Liga) -1
  4. Bayern Munich (Bundesliga) +-0
  5. Liverpool FC (Premier League) +1

Top five League Index 2021

  1. NFL (American Football) +-0
  2. Premier League (Football/Soccer) +2
  3. NBA (Basketball) -1
  4. NHL (Ice Hockey) +1
  5. MLB (Baseball) -2

“In the short term, sport clubs and leagues will face growing pressure to retain and win sponsors. As the pool of sponsors shrinks, more of them will compete for fewer deals,” concludes Tekutyte.

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