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Professional Services

Evaluate the business environment and support strategies to improve business growth and market share​​

Become an expert on your client’s industries

Add credibility to reports and presentations by demonstrating a strong understanding of a client’s business and key challenges quickly.

Build trust by introducing well-informed new ideas based on emerging industry and consumer trends, competitor strengths and weaknesses and successful brand and marketing strategies.

Benchmark performance against best in class  

Benchmark industry and company performance across all categories, channels and countries. Create key performance indicators to measure success.

Our clients include consultancy and business advisory firms, insurance companies, law firms and research companies.  ​We support many functions including strategy and planning, M&A advisory, corporate finance, competitive intelligence and supply chain management.

Harness local insight to uncover opportunities

Leverage insight from our global network of analysts in developed, emerging and frontier markets. Use their local knowledge to identify the next big opportunity.

Make confident strategic decisions 

Have full confidence in our research with our transparent research methodology, category definitions and sources.

Providing a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable data and analysis, we support critical decision making at the country, regional and global level.


Passport is our syndicated global research database offering shared access to internationally comparable market research quickly and cost effectively.

Passport advances understanding of the global industry and economic landscape in more than 200 countries, providing actionable insight to support business growth.

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