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Evaluate retailing environments worldwide to become an expert on your target markets

Tailor strategies to consumers' wants and needs

Our research supports retailers with strategic planning, whitespace identification, route to market analysis, innovation, marketing and sales territory reviews, financial planning and competitive intelligence. 

Tailor strategies to consumers’ wants and needs by evaluating categories and channels covering the entire retail spend, including modern, traditional and non-store formats. Identify how retailing influences purchases in your territory, where your future consumers live, what they buy and the sources of channel demand.

Support strategic decisions with detailed forecasts

Inform your long term outlook with detailed, comparable histories and forecasts of retail sales by channel, store type, outlets and selling space. Benchmark your medium and long term goals against a complete view of a market, globally and per country, for all channels and hundreds of product categories.  Provide context and direction for resource allocation.

Understand consumer habits and preferences

Bring the consumer voice into the business strategy of your company. Explore local trends in product consumption to understand consumer preferences, supporting new product development, strategic market entry, opportunity analysis and positioning.​​

Analyse demographic, income and lifestyle trends as well as attitudes and opinions to recognise what influences purchasing behaviour and how it differs across nations.

Benchmark performance vs. competitors

Our market share data and company profiles are invaluable to every retailer’s competitive intelligence team, helping strategically position your products and company. Monitor your position within the wider supply chain and examine the relative concentration of competing channels across all retail spend.

Inform procurement decisions and key supplier relationships

View a complete map of all categories and top suppliers to understand changes in distribution and identify omnichannel opportunities to benchmark category winners against your own portfolio.


Passport is our syndicated global research database offering shared access to internationally comparable market research quickly and cost effectively.

Passport advances understanding of the global industry and economic landscape in more than 200 countries, providing actionable insight to support business growth.

Providing a wealth of standardised and cross-comparable statistics and analysis, Passport supports critical decision making at the country, regional and global level.

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