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Bleach in Thailand

February 2021

Due to the outbreak of COVID-19, sales of bleach saw a significant increase in growth in 2020, with consumers stockpiling the product through fear that COVID-19 would impact supply issues, or that they would need to isolate in the household. As a result, sales of bleach increased from 2% value...

Bleach in the United Kingdom

January 2021

The pandemic brought intense fear about households being germ-free and as hygienically clean as possible. As bleach is known among as a product with very high efficacy, it was one of the products that was stockpiled most during the first lockdown and remained in high demand throughout the year...

Bleach in Ukraine

February 2021

During 2019, bleach sales declined in value terms. Consumers use bleach products for several tasks ranging from cleaning floors to bathrooms and laundry. However, over the years, the reliance on bleach products had decreased as consumers became better acquainted with specific products developed for...

Dishwashing in Australia

February 2021

In 2020, there was a surge in demand for products in dishwashing. This surge in demand was noticeable in both automatic dishwashing and hand dishwashing in 2020 as a result of home seclusion during the COVID-19 crisis. During the COVID-19 pandemic, many workers in Australia switched to working at...

Dishwashing in Bosnia and Herzegovina

February 2021

COVID-19 did not affect dishwashing, one way or the other. Current value growth was slightly up, as were retail prices, but volume was unchanged from 2019. However, there was a change in consumer behaviour. Consumer’s confidence in terms of purchasing powers was dented, due to COVID-19 and the...

Dishwashing in Denmark

February 2021

Working-from-home and the lockdown period, which was installed in March 2020, increased both value and volume growth in dishwashing for 2020. As such, value growth moved from 2% in 2019 to 6% in 2020, reflecting the increasing amount of meals cooked and eaten within the home. Even though...

Dishwashing in Guatemala

April 2021

2020 recorded a significant uptake in demand, with both value and volume sales increasing compared to 2019. This uplift in sales was due to the outbreak of COVID-19, which encouraged consumers to stay at home from March 2020, with ongoing lockdown periods installed throughout the year. Time at home...

Dishwashing in Hong Kong, China

February 2021

In 2020, and especially during the national lockdown in Hong Kong, consumers spent much more time at home, and consumed more of their meals at home in general. As consumers faced the closure of horeca outlets, they had to prepare more of their meals themselves which, in turn, generated more dishes...

Dishwashing in Hungary

February 2021

Demand for dishwashing was boosted by home seclusion measures in Hungary during 2020, with consumers spending more time in the home. This resulted in a rise in home cooking, thus boosting both hand and automatic wash sales. Household dishwashers were running cycles more frequently as children...

Dishwashing in Latvia

February 2021

The lockdown period in Latvia encouraged consumers to stay at home as much as possible, with many consumers working from home. Once the first lockdown period was over, increased time spent at home remained throughout the year, boosting home cooking and meals enjoyed within the household. This trend...

Dishwashing in Macedonia

February 2019

Dishwashing machine penetration in Macedonia continued to grow in 2018 and was the main factor to positively influence growth of automatic dishwashing products in 2018. In fact automatic dishwashing significantly outperformed other dishwashing formats due to growing demand for convenient and...

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