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Standardised coverage and timely analysis of natural resources helping you to understand the opportunities and risks sustainability brings business and economies today.

Country Briefing

Sustainability: Hong Kong

Sep 2021

Hong Kong is heavily dependent on food, agricultural products, fossil fuels and water imports, primarily from mainland China, which makes it prone to global price fluctuations and prevailing political tensions with Beijing. Hong Kong’s water supply…

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Strategy Briefing

Strategies to Capture Asia’s Luxury Spending Beyond COVID-19 Recovery

Mar 2021

While the global luxury goods market contracted notably, Asia showed signs of recovery as early as Q2 2020, minimising the impact of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. This report analyses the background to the quick recovery of personal luxury…

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Strategy Briefing

How E-Commerce is Transforming B2B Sectors

Aug 2018

With the emergence of digital technologies and growing e-commerce across consumer industries, the B2B sector is following suit demonstrating extensive change in how industries are functioning. Moreover, share of revenues from e-commerce is…

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Strategy Briefing

Renewable Energy Expansion Opportunities for B2B Sectors

Apr 2018

Local and international community support has allowed renewable energy expansion to gain pace, with even faster growth expected over the period to 2030. Over 2017-2025 the electricity equipment and metal mining industries will experience a…

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Strategy Briefing

Top Agriculture Sector Trends

Mar 2018

This briefing examines the top five trends shaping the agriculture industry. The way agriculture businesses and farms are organised is changing in order to achieve higher yields and optimise costs by specialising in certain farm activities, and…

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