The Sherwin-Williams Co. in Home and Garden

June 2022

The global market leader in home paint, Sherwin-Williams, grew in line with the global market over 2019-2021 as a whole, performing more successfully in 2020 due to investment in e-commerce and fulfilment ahead of the crisis, but then seeing lower growth in 2021, as the market caught up. The company’s business model, with a strong direct-to-consumer element, positions it well for inflationary cycles and pushing costs into retail; however, there remains vulnerability, particularly outside the US.

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Executive summary
Top companies at a glance
Sherwin-Williams was particularly well prepared for 2020 disruptions
Sherwin-Williams’ global footprint
Company overview
Factors driving growth for Sherwin-Williams
Ingredient and materials shortages harming supply, and inflationary pressures are growing
Sherwin-Williams is quite well positioned for inflationary cycles, but with some vulnerability
Exposure to growth
Sherwin-Williams is not exposed in depth to emerging markets with the greatest potential
There is an immediate threat from Asia Pacific rivals gaining ground in the forecast period
Relative performance
Key brands: high fragmentation will affect pushing price increases into retail
Sherwin-Williams is one of the trailblazers in the use of virtual product trial from the home
Some of these technologies were niche future investments…now they are business critical
A distinctive part of the Sherwin-Williams business model is the scale of direct-to-consumer
Sherwin-Williams is part of PaintCare , an international program starting into paint circularity
Sherwin-Williams’ product strategy focuses on air and surface hygiene, removing VOCs
New materials innovation from powder coatings
Nippon is offering anti-viral additives via partnerships in its odourless range
The Dulux brand in Australia is also operating in the same VOC and “fresher air” space
Key brand stories: what are the leading messages for this company and main competitors
Executive summary
Projected company sales: FAQs (1)
Projected company sales: FAQs (2)

Home and Garden

This project has a strict focus on sales to consumers only. Trade and professional sales are excluded. Home and garden refers to gardening, home improvement, homewares and home furnishings.

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