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Toys and Games

What is driving demand for toys and games now and in the future?

Identify opportunities for growth

Size your market, analyse distribution channels,  compare your brand and company shares to the competition to build new market entry strategies and identify white space opportunities.

Develop your brand-licensing program and find key partners in adjacent categories across home care, personal accessories, furniture and packaged food.

Understand your target demographic

Demographics are one of the most important parameters affecting toys and games sales. In addition to children, the adult population is becoming an area of increased focus.

​Global demographics feed into big picture strategy plans. Local household structures help determine product ranges or the tone of promotional campaigns.  

Examine lifestyle, social and cultural trends and their impact on toys and games sales

Examine trends and behaviour in and around the home. Explore issues such as connectivity and consumers’ growing appetite for technology in all aspects of life.  

Gauge demand for video game consoles and video game sales and how these may by affected by sales of computers, particularly desktops and gamer-focused laptops. Identify how consumer electronics are used after purchase and the number of mobile subscribers and the proportion of them using mobile broadband. ​

Explore key economic indicators and predict growth in disposable income and discretionary spending 

GDP and consumer demand for big-ticket electronics and games items are closely correlated. Use forecasts for key economic indicators to create and update market performance scenarios and build market entry and growth plans around the right opportunities, where income growth is strongest or saving ratios are highest. ​


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