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The world's most comprehensive market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles in Bahrain.

Bahrain StatisticsConsumer Lifestyles in Bahrain

Bahrain Country BriefingsFuture Demographics: Bahrain in 2030

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    Country Briefing

    Business Dynamics: Bahrain

    Jan 2017

    Bahrain’s business environment offers various incentives to investors such as a flexible labour market, a regulatory system focused on improving business operations and a very economically free market. In order to progress further, the nation has to ...

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    Country Briefing

    Economy, Finance and Trade: Bahrain

    Jan 2017

    Bahrain’s economy has been undergoing a slowdown since 2013, owing to subdued external demand and low oil prices. Although economic growth is expected to decelerate further in 2016, the non-hydrocarbon sector continues to grow robustly. Furthermore, ...

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    Country Briefing

    Income and Expenditure: Bahrain

    Nov 2016

    The annual rate of expansion of Bahrain’s per capita gross income and spending eased over 2014-2015, reflecting the considerable impact of low global oil prices on the country’s economic performance. A rising income gap is expected to accentuate the ...

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    Country Profile

    Bahrain: Country Profile

    Oct 2016

    Bahrain’s economy will slow in 2016. The oil sector faces problems but growth in the non-oil sector is steady, driven by services and construction. Public investment is the main driver along with modest gains in private consumption. Financial support...

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    Country Report

    Travel in Bahrain

    Aug 2016

    Bahrain was negatively impacted by the events following the Arab Spring in 2011, with trouble at home leading to the cancellation of the Formula 1 and many other serious developments leading to a decline in the number of trips. However, for the last ...

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    City Review

    Manama City Review

    Jan 2016

    Manama is more service-orientated than most cities in the Gulf. Bahrain actively promotes the diversification of the economic base due to limited oil resources in comparison to other Gulf States. In 2014, 52% of the city's GVA came from service ...

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    Country Briefing

    Digital Consumer - Landscape: Bahrain

    Dec 2015

    Home to one of the most advanced telecom networks in the Middle East, Bahrain is a regional leader in mobile Internet, fixed broadband and satellite TV penetration. Most consumers enjoy 4G LTE services but operators have trialled technologies to ...

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    Consumer Lifestyle

    Consumer Lifestyles in Bahrain

    Aug 2015

    Bahrain is generally an affluent country but its consumer profile is skewed by the large number of high-earning Western expats and low-income workers from South Asia. Regardless, consumer expenditure per household has increased significantly in ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Middle East and Africa: Growing Opportunities for Consumer Appliances in a Diverse Market

    Apr 2015

    Despite being the second most populated region after Asia Pacific, MEA accounts for a very marginal share in consumer appliances, both in volume and value. However, the region anticipates the second most dynamic growth in consumer appliances over ...

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    Future Demographic

    Bahrain in 2030: The Future Demographic

    Mar 2013

    In 2030, the population of Bahrain will reach 1.4 million, an increase of 19.3% from 2012. The population is ageing and this will be compounded by falling birth rates and fertility rates. The average age of men and women at first marriage will ...

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