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The world's most comprehensive market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles in Cuba.

Cuba Statistics

Cuba Country Briefings

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    Country Profile

    Cuba: Country Profile

    Jan 2017

    The economy is growing at a moderate pace though the degree of uncertainty is high. The American embargo remains in place and is unlikely to be lifted given Republican control of Congress. The political turmoil in Venezuela also curbs Cuba’s growth ...

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    Country Report

    Travel in Cuba

    Aug 2016

    In December 2014, the US and Cuba agreed to restore diplomatic ties. The renewed relations between the US and Cuba has helped open the doors to the country’s tourism development and created a flood of tourists in 2015. American tourist numbers surged...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Foodservice in Latin America: Long-term Opportunities in a Major Growth Region

    Oct 2014

    Latin America continues to be among the most attractive long-term growth regions, due to the presence of both large and fast-growing Brazil as well as many smaller, rapidly developing markets that have high potential for future chained development. ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Beauty in Latin America: A Revolution of Expectations

    Jul 2014

    A new middle class has emerged in Latin America, less affluent than the traditional middle class but hugely aspirational. Economic growth might have cooled, but Latin Americans are more engaged with beauty and personal care than ever before, and they...

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    Markets of the Future

    Markets Of The Future in Cuba

    Jun 2014

    Euromonitor International identifies Cuba as one of the twenty Markets of the Future that will offer the most opportunities for consumer goods companies globally. The country is one of the fastest growing and most promising economies in Latin ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Beauty and Personal Care Ingredients: Consumer Trends in Latin America

    Mar 2014

    Latin America has overtaken Western Europe to become the second largest region for ingredients used in beauty and personal care. It is important for ingredient manufacturers to understand the trends and consumer lifestyles driving ingredient growth ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Soft Drinks in Latin America: Keeping a Global Bright Spot Bright

    Jan 2014

    As soft drinks consumption in North America and Europe dips, Latin America has been the global bright spot for soft drinks brand owners and bottlers over the recent review period. Emerging national economies, modernising retail channels and rising ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Regional Overview: Health and Wellbeing Trends in Latin America

    Aug 2013

    Latin America is one of the bright spots in consumer health. Rising incomes, new products and greater adoption of health and wellness trends are contributing to an exceptional performance in the region. To keep the momentum going, companies are ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    A Tale of Two Regions: Opportunities for Growth in Latin and North America

    May 2013

    North and Latin America together accounted for nearly one third of the world’s volume sales of consumer appliances in 2012, and one quarter of value. Their fates have differed, however, with Latin America strongly growing while North America has ...

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