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    Country Briefing

    Natural Resources: Iraq

    May 2017

    Iraq is a resource-rich country, but years of war and conflict have hindered development of the agricultural, mining and energy sectors. Increase in oil production has not kept up with the fall of oil prices, resulting in large budget deficit and ...

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    Country Profile

    Iraq: Country Profile

    Mar 2017

    The economy’s performance has been very erratic in recent years. It contracted in 2014 and 2015 but grew at a double-digit pace in 2016. However, little or no growth is expected in 2017. Much depends on the rise and fall of oil production and the ...

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    Country Report

    Travel and Tourism in Iraq

    Jun 2014

    Erbil was chosen as Arab Tourism Capital 2014 by the Arab Tourism Committee. The city is offering more than 40 major events and initiatives throughout the year, which made this nomination possible. The Kurdistan area has emerged as a safe haven in ...

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    Markets of the Future

    Markets Of The Future in Iraq

    Jun 2014

    Euromonitor International identifies Iraq as one of the 20 Markets of the Future that will offer the most opportunities for consumer goods companies globally. The country is one of the promising economies in the Middle East; however, market ...

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