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The world's most comprehensive market research on consumer products, commercial industries, demographics trends and consumer lifestyles in Jordan.

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Jordan Country BriefingsFuture Demographics: Jordan in 2030

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    Country Report

    Travel in Jordan

    Oct 2017

    Jordan's tourism industry has suffered greatly from the neighbouring wars in Syria and Iraq, and the ongoing uncertainty across much of the region. Arrivals from almost all regions have seen a sharp decline in the past five years, except for a few ...

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    Country Briefing

    Business Dynamics: Jordan

    Sep 2017

    Jordan’s business environment remains constrained as investor confidence remains fragile owing to rising debt levels, rising unemployment due to an influx of Syrian refugees and poor legal rights for creditors. Though an evolving and expanding ...

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    Country Profile

    Jordan: Country Profile

    Jul 2017

    The economy’s performance will improve somewhat in 2017. The spillover effects of the wars in Syria and Iraq should diminish, providing a big boost to the economy. Fixed investment will also increase thanks to greater international aid. However, ...

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    Future Demographic

    Jordan in 2030: The Future Demographic

    Jun 2017

    In 2030, the population of Jordan will reach 11.9 million, an increase of 28.6% from 2015. Growth is set to be extremely high in the 2010s as a result of high net migration influenced by the Syrian conflict, but in the 2020s it should slow down as a ...

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    Country Briefing

    Households: Jordan

    Dec 2016

    Jordan represents a family-friendly, youthful and predominantly urban market. Apartments are the dominant form of dwelling and local homes tend to contain many people but few rooms. There has been a shortage of affordable housing, as population ...

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    Country Briefing

    Economy, Finance and Trade: Jordan

    Dec 2016

    Pressures from an influx of refugees and regional political tensions have adversely impacted Jordan’s public finances and trade flows, which moderated annual real GDP growth in 2015. However, the economy is expected to perform relatively well in ...

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    Country Briefing

    Income and Expenditure: Jordan

    Nov 2016

    Real growth of Jordan’s per capita gross income and spending accelerated in 2015, backed by stimulus provided by the Jordanian government. However, the country’s high food costs curb the share of discretionary spending of Jordanian households, while ...

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    Strategy Briefing

    Middle East and Africa: Growing Opportunities for Consumer Appliances in a Diverse Market

    Apr 2015

    Despite being the second most populated region after Asia Pacific, MEA accounts for a very marginal share in consumer appliances, both in volume and value. However, the region anticipates the second most dynamic growth in consumer appliances over ...

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    Consumer Lifestyle

    Consumer Lifestyles in Jordan

    Oct 2012

    Jordan’s population is young. At the intersection of three continents, the country is diverse. It has been affected by the political and economic instability in the region. Jordanians’ expenditures are growing faster than their disposable incomes, as...

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