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    Country Profile

    Laos: Country Profile

    Mar 2017

    Laos will continue to see strong gains in 2017. Growth is driven by private final consumption and investment in energy and power. Laos is also heavily dependent on foreign aid. The large current account deficit can not be sustained in the longer ...

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    Country Report

    Travel in Laos

    Aug 2016

    The number of tourists visiting Laos grew rapidly in the review period, thanks to a strong commitment by the government to boost tourism and improve the infrastructure. Laos offers a combination of nature and culture which is both rich and diverse, ...

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    Markets of the Future

    Markets Of The Future in Laos

    Jun 2014

    Euromonitor International identifies Laos as one of the 20 Markets of the Future that will offer the most opportunities for consumer goods companies globally. The country is one of the fastest growing economies among the ASEAN countries; however, ...

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