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An ‘Inclusive For All’ Business Model

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This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020 report.  

As brands are catering more and more to individuals with physical or mental disabilities, the ‘Inclusive for All’ Global Consumer Trend puts disabilities in the spotlight. Companies are reframing their products and services to be more accessible to everyone, representing individuals beyond the mainstream and helping to reduce prejudice around diversity and differences. From fashion to toys, games, food service and interior design, brands are responding to a societal push for change. Businesses are making steps towards authenticity and inclusion, putting disability at the core of new product developments. 

Consumers quest for authenticity  

The rise of disability initiatives resonates within the broader health and wellness movement across the globe. It is not solely about being inclusive, but also about being physically and mentally healthy. Innovative products that tap into mood, emotional wellbeing and self-care are gaining momentum in consumer goods and redefining functional health.  

Within beauty and personal care, societal pressures to look and appear a certain way are changing. Body-positive expression is on the rise, with cultural arts and the media reinforcing these changing ideals. Backlash against unrealistic and alienating standards continues to grow. Beauty standards are evolving, and consumers are embracing who they are. 

Toy industry innovation  

Toys for children with disabilities is not new, especially in adaptive toys for special needs. Making waves across countries, this trend promotes an inclusive stigma-free approach to toys, seeking to normalise, empower and embrace diversity from a young age. Social media is giving a stronger voice to its advocates. 

While sales are still small, there is a clear societal shift towards inclusivity and diversity. Aside from stigma, mass production costs pose a challenge. However, this is where major industry players with resources and economies of scale can play a role in supporting the trend long term. 

To learn more, download the full Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020 report 

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