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How Market Research Powers Private Equity Deals

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The race for private equity deals is currently in a hyper-competitive phase. From the first stages of discovery through to final stages of partnership and growth. Prospective partners are now demanding industry and category specialisation which requires Private Equity firms to have more granular and reliable information.

Deal Sourcing

With so many firms chasing a limited number of opportunities, winning deals in your sourcing pipeline requires a demonstration of the product and vertical knowledge. Strong market research will arm you with this specialist knowledge. Combine this with the ability to quickly interpret easily to use datasets, you can challenge past performance and interpret future forecast models. This will help your team to rise above the competition and provide a clear, differentiated offer.

Due Dilligence

Making the case for value creation is challenging. Using syndicated market research data helps evaluate industry and category growth against any potential growth targets and sales forecasts. This allows you to pressure test not only internal company assumptions but also potential buy-and-build scenarios with brand portfolios and even channel strategy. Solid syndicated research can answer these questions and ensure you understand if there is a need for primary research to answer specific scenario questions.

Growth & Value Creation

Taking advantage of growth avenues such as product development or channel and geographic expansion require the best market data to understand and analyse opportunities. By utilising research, you can scope a product’s ability to speak to consumers in new markets or understand the consumer profiles that match product targets.

As well as the macro and industry performance, understanding competitive intelligence is key to getting this phase right. The case for growth should have been examined in detail at the due diligence stage and now you can dive into the granular detail to put in place an operational go-to-market strategy that speaks to your product mix and its competition.

Euromonitor International is a partner of choice for firms seeking answers to the critical viewpoints referenced above. Genuine value creation through buy-and-build or strategic prioritisation of resources rests on realistic sales goals as well as a solid competitive analysis covering strategic and tactical research.

Clients enjoy access to a powerful database that contains knowledge on thousands of companies and their footprints, providing simple access to understanding, not just individual companies and brands, but also their competitors. Analyst-led forecasts enable you to plan with accuracy and challenge value creation targets to ensure these are achievable.

Interested in learning more? Schedule a demonstration and learn how our analysis makes the difference to Private Equity deals globally.

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