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Reuse is the New Recycle

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This article is part of a series highlighting the Top 10 Global Consumer Trends 2020 report.

Today’s sustainability leaders are tapping into new circular business models that aim to offer more with less through sharing, reusing, refilling, and renting. Increased environmental awareness is driving the Reuse Revolutionaries trend, especially for younger generations who are prioritising experiences over ownership.

Circularity is the new reality

Because we live in a world mindful of our environment with an increasing interest in reducing our footprint, concerns about the levels of consumerism as it relates to waste, climate change and air pollution show no signs of subsiding. Circularity is here to stay, folks.

The Reuse Revolutionaries trend embodies two themes: recycle and refill. First, the recycling of plastic bottles for repeated use is an important facet to reduce reliance on fossil fuels and enable a lower carbon footprint. Second, refillable containers are rising, as seen in the expansion of free water refill stations and reusable packaging initiatives from foodservice and retail establishments.

The "sustainable perception affect”

Thanks to the substantial impact sustainability has on brand perception, businesses are launching subscription models and reusable or refillable options to meet ethical consumer demands. Brands will need to find the balance between sustainability and convenience as consumers still rank efficacy, value and aesthetics as desired characteristics. To do so, there is more of a need to incentivise consumers to switch to reusable or refillable options when it comes to things like packaging.

As more and more businesses integrate sustainable resources into their products, it will become less of a competitive advantage and more of a must-have.

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