Bath and Shower in Asia Pacific

February 2021

Bath and shower continued to grow in 2019, driven by body wash/shower gel, liquid soap and intimate washes, with bar soap recording stagnating sales. However, bar soap and, in particular, liquid soap have seen sales driven by frequent handwashing among consumers in 2020 due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). While liquid soap, body wash/shower gel and intimate washes, will continue driving growth in the remainder of the forecast period, bar soap will see declining annual sales from 2021.

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Key Findings

Continued growth for bath and shower

As in the rest of the historic period, bath and shower in Asia Pacific saw positive growth in 2019. The most dynamic sales increases were in intimate washes and liquid soap, although body wash/shower gel generated the most additional sales. Bar soap in India also remained a major sales driver in 2014-2019.

Indian and Chinese markets continue to develop

The all-important markets in India and China, which account for half of overall regional sales, continue to see a positive development. In India, rural consumers are becoming ever more aware of the importance of good hygiene, which is offering players significant growth opportunities. In China, increasing penetration continues to be seen in lower-tier cities and, with incomes rising, consumers continue to shift away from basic bar soap towards products such as liquid soap and intimate washes.

Trend towards natural/herbal ingredients

There has been a visible trend towards products containing natural or herbal  ingredients across the region, with consumers becoming increasingly aware of the potential health risks of chemical ingredients in their bath and shower products. There has even been a backlash against the amount of plastic packaging used in some of the products in this market, such as liquid soap or body wash/shower gel, although, as with the search for natural/herbal products, this does tend to generally be among the better-off consumer group.

Dynamic 2020 liquid soap sales due to the pandemic

With frequent and thorough handwashing recommended to help contain the spread of COVID-19 and the great importance placed on hygiene levels in general in the presence of the pandemic, liquid soap sales will see very strong growth in 2020, given this product area also includes hand sanitisers. Bath and shower as a whole will continue to see positive annual growth rates in 2019-2024 overall.


Key findings
Asia Pacific continues to record above-average growth
Sales spike in 2020 due to COVID-19 as liquid soap hits new heights
Bar soap sales in India driving Asia Pacific bath and shower growth
Bar soap in decline in a number of countries
Bar soap in India and body wash/shower gel in China driving growth
Liquid soap to see a massive sales spike due to COVID-19 in 2020
Traditional grocery retailers still the dominant retail channel in India
Hypermarkets/Supermarkets a major channel in many countries
Top 10 players gaining share in 2019
Leaders Unilever and Procter & Gamble lose share in 2014-2019
Big three markets dominate the leading players’ sales
Little change in the rankings in 2019
Forecast period to see further growth, including sales spike in 2020
Dynamic liquid soap sales in 2019-2024
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