Beauty Survey 2020: Key Insights

October 2020

Euromonitor’s Beauty Survey provides insight on consumers’ daily routines, path to purchase and brand perceptions in the beauty and personal care space.

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Key Findings

Relevance to Beauty Industry

High intensity and pace of innovations and new product developments characterise a constantly evolving industry and a growing need for agile and cost-effective gap assessment and consumer profiling.

Behavioural Insights on Consumers

Consumer preferences are changing on multiple levels: as people age, their hair and skin changes, their spending power changes, their beauty routines and attitudes evolve.

Overview of Euromonitor’s Beauty Survey
Euromonitor’s Beauty Survey uncovers insights about today’s consumers
Shopping for beauty and personal care products in 2020
Shopping for skin care products in 2020
Shopping for hair care products in 2020
Shopping for colour cosmetics in 2020
Hand washing and sanitising habits in the age of COVID-19
Women and older consumers lead the way in frequent hand washing
Growing importance of hand care to heal frequently-washed skin
Baths, manicures and deep conditioning lead self care in 2020
A different kind of face mask for self care at home in 2020
Unique features of Euromonitor’s Beauty Survey
Extensive coverage of beauty routines and purchases across 40 products
Detailed questions covering each step in the path to purchase
Questions exploring how consumers perceive 700+ beauty brands
Who we surveyed and what we asked
Country coverage: 20 markets surveyed
New in 2020: expanded questions related to everyday hygiene
Range of research applications
Beauty Survey is one of Euromonitor’s annual consumer tracking surveys
Information about Euromonitor’s syndicated survey methods
Beauty Survey: FAQs

Beauty and Personal Care

This is the aggregation of baby and child-specific products, bath & shower, deodorants, hair care, colour cosmetics, men's grooming, oral hygiene, fragrances, skin care, depilatories and sun care. Black market sales and travel retail are excluded.

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