Blurring Wellness Concepts

July 2023

The long-standing movement towards marketing and formulating around “wellness” continues to deepen, as companies across consumer goods experiment with using this concept to attract consumers. This briefing identifies the factors behind the blurred lines between formally distinct industries, determines the overlap between categories and the fastest-evolving spaces within consumer goods, and offers suggestions on how to thrive in a marketplace where traditional distinctions are no longer operable.

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Key Findings

The broad scope of wellness allows for an expanding, confusing and competitive marketplace for products

The definition of wellness is perpetually malleable, encompassing mental/emotional, nutritional and physical heath (and more), which means that companies across various industries can claim wellness benefits and are more able to compete directly with products across consumer goods and services.

Ingredients are the building blocks of the growth in interest in wellness

Wellness is a term light on specifics; the expansion and blurring of the concept is anchored by well-known health halo ingredients that consumers understand and trust. Ingredients such as protein, -biotics, or collagen give many wellness entrants tangible components that they can use to demonstrate the benefits of their products.

Interest in wellness has allowed marketers to experiment with format

The trust bestowed on healthy ingredients has allowed companies to expand across formats, away from historically health-based options such as pills and towards a lifestyle orientation that fits consumers’ daily rhythms. Healthy ingredients formulated around new ingestible or topical ingredients can increasingly be found across consumer goods.

The wellness consumer demands products that orientate around natural solutions

There is considerable overlap in consumers’ understanding of the concepts of wellness and natural products. Increasing numbers of consumers seek out a wide range of natural solutions to sustain healthy living, and the wellness industry has evolved to meet these broad needs while at the same time emphasising the natural orientation of their products.

The blurring of wellness risks disillusionment without emphasis on transparency

If every new product can claim wellness, consumers will rightly respond with scepticism, confusion and diminished loyalty. Products will fight to differentiate themselves, and the risk of commoditisation will be persistent. Companies led by science would be wise to embrace radical transparency and embed educational programmes into their marketing.

Key takeaways (1)
Exploring Blurring Wellness Concepts
Drivers of Blurring Wellness Concepts
Blurring Wellness Concepts uncovered
Varied perceptions of health lead to a broad definition of wellness
Three orientations of wellness
Perceptions of wellness change by age
North American consumers are more likely to have a broad definition of health
Wide spectrum of wellness approaches address mental/emotional health
Nutritional preferences narrow the difference between supplements and food/beverages
Rising frequency of exercise seen since onset of COVID-19
Aromatherapy Associates combine emotional and physical wellness solutions
Natural Stacks builds a holistic supplements portfolio to address brain health
The vagueness of wellness is the point!
Halo ingredients are increasingly connected to a bevy of health benefits
Gallinée among the leaders of a growing collection of probiotics-based skin care offerings
Chinese drinks brand Light Up fortifies with collagen peptides to extend to beauty positioning
Ingredients and the opportunity for reinvention
Extensions in formats propel wellness across consumer goods
Red Moon offers CBD infusion to address menstruation pain and stress relief
Swisse Me extends leading supplement portfolio closer to functional food and drink
New formats offer the possibility to extend wellness in myriad ways
Natural ingredient seekers have a considerably broader perception of “being healthy”
Vega Hello Wellness integrates messaging around wellness, natural ingredients, and benefits
Equitea’s natural wellness approach merges mental health and cold-brewed teas
The steady quest for naturals supports sustained interest in the concept of wellness
Key takeaways (2)
Blurring Wellness Concepts: How to win
Evolution of Blurring Wellness Concepts
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