Environmental Sustainability Initiatives in Consumer Appliances

February 2023

Sustainability is increasingly being viewed as a competitive advantage rather than a cost. Companies are increasingly marketing themselves and their products as sustainable. In this briefing, we will talk about the importance of environmental sustainability for companies and highlight related activities of some major appliance companies.

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Key Findings

For most companies, sustainability is no longer viewed as a cost centre. Sustainability is now a competitive advantage that can be at the forefront of their marketing and PR push. In comparison to the technology race, sustainability is more nuanced and plays a softer role in relating to consumers’ environmental sentiments.

With sustainability becoming increasingly critical to consumers, employees and investors, CEOs are playing a leading role. In 2022, the proportion of industry experts stating that their company prioritises environmental issues reached almost 60% globally, a five percentage point year-on-year increase.

Regulators, especially in the EU, have been increasingly focused on high greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions industries. A slate of environmental-related regulations in the EU on repairability, energy efficiency, recyclability and even microplastics have been enacted over the past years. Companies who want to continue selling in the EU need to comply with these regulations.

“Reducing environmental impact” has consistently been the most voted for definition of sustainability since Euromonitor’s Voice of the Industry: Sustainability Survey was fielded in 2019. Being known as a sustainable brand helps with ESG positioning and attracts investors and partners that want to only work with companies with the same mindset.

In addition to investments in sustainable technologies, sustainability is also, in large parts, a messaging campaign. Companies need to tailor their message to their stakeholders and continuously emphasise the part they are playing. In addition to marketing messages that clearly outline a company’s targets and achievements, the CEO needs to take the lead as well. Companies that are unable to do this will ultimately lose out.

The case for corporate sustainability
Driving sustainability from the boardroom and CEOs
Key findings
The UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development focuses on ESG
Urgent action is needed to rescue the SDGs
Progress on sustainable development is slowing down
Too slow progress on climate action, while moving backwards in all other areas
Decarbonisation and net zero
ESG and the importance of environmental sustainability to appliance companies
Driving sustainability from the boardroom
More companies are adopting a sustainable leadership mindset
Prioritising ESG is among the top definitions of sustainability
Mastercard: Linking pay for all employees to ESG goals
The strong link between sustainability and business resilience
Setting sustainability priorities
Iceland: Putting sustainability on hold amid the cost of living crisis
Amazon: New affordable and sustainable brand
Affordability versus sustainability: A dilemma in times of crisis
Residential homes contribute 10.9% of global greenhouse gas emissions
Appliance companies do not do enough to publicise their accomplishments in the ESG space
Net zero emissions is an important component of sustainability targets
BSH: Sustainability and competitiveness are two sides of same coin
Bosch claims that it is the first global enterprise to be carbon neutral in 2020
BSH uses four levers for carbon neutrality (Scopes 1 and 2)
Reducing Scope 3, often the largest source of GHG emissions
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Transparent GHG emissions charts
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Circular economy with BlueMovement and Papillon Project
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Bosch WeWash
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Waste Watchers
Electrolux: Sustainability at the forefront
Electrolux aims to have climate neutral operations by 2030
Electrolux roadmap to 2030 and key environmental sustainability initiatives only (1)
Electrolux roadmap to 2030 and key environmental sustainability initiatives only (2)
Electrolux roadmap to 2030 and key environmental sustainability initiatives only (3)
For the better: Electrolux’s focus on making it better for the planet
Sustainability-focused initiatives: A ppliance -as-a-service programme
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Sustainability Squad
Whirlpool: Sustainability at the forefront
Whirlpool’s CEO outlines progress on its 2030 sustainability targets
Whirlpool roadmap to 2030 and key environmental sustainability initiatives only
Whirlpool aims to achieve net zero by 2030
Whirlpool continues to reduce product usage and Scope 3 GHG emissions
Sustainability-focused initiatives: ReNEWW House, the sustainable home showcase
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Green Pea, the Green Retail Park
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Feel Good Fridges, dependable access to healthy food
Arçelik : Sustainability has positioned us as a disruptor of the industry
Arçelik’s CEO gave the keynote at IFA 2022 focusing solely on sustainability
Some of the keywords highlighted in the IFA 2022 keynote
Arçelik’s environmental sustainability initiatives and targets (1)
Arçelik’s environmental sustainability initiatives and targets (2)
Arçelik’s environmental sustainability initiatives and targets (3)
Sustainability-focused initiatives: FiberCatcher , the microplastic filter
Sustainability-focused initiatives: Sustainable technologies at the forefront
The focus has shifted from hygiene to sustainability at IFA 2022
Moving forward, sustainability disclosures will be important for investors
For appliance brands, communicating your sustainability message will be equally critical
Sustainability will be more than investing in technology and implementation

Consumer Appliances

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