Global Industrial Trends

February 2021

Digitisation of supply and production chains, rising e-commerce, production localisation and sustainability pressures will shape the future of the industrial sector. Growth in global production value is forecast to grow to reach USD268 trillion in 2030. Asia Pacific will remain the largest region, accounting for 45% of global production value, while pharma and hi-tech goods are forecast to be the best performing industrial sectors.

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Key findings

Global production value to reach USD268 trillion in 2030

Global production value is forecast to recover from the COVID-19 shock and return to steady growth during the period 2021-2030. The recovery will be associated with middle class expansion in emerging markets, government investment in infrastructure projects and recovery in the B2B segment.

Asia Pacific to account for 45% of global production in 2030

Asia Pacific is forecast to remain the largest region globally by production value, and increase its global share slightly by 2030. Growth in consumer incomes and exports is set to support production value growth in the region’s largest economies, namely China, India and Japan.

Companies to increase spending on digitisation

Companies are expected to increase investment in new technologies and digitisation after the COVID-19 pandemic. To shield themselves from similar risks in the future, manufacturers are anticipated to increase investment in production automation and digital tools that can help to comply with new health measures and increase operational flexibility.

Global B2B e-commerce market to reach USD6.3 trillion in 2030

B2B e-commerce sales are forecast to more than double over the period 2019-2030. Changing consumer preferences and the growing need to invest in new sales channels post-COVID-19 pandemic will drive growth.

Production localisation to increase

To better shield themselves from future risks, companies are expected to increase production localisation of critical components. Production localisation will mainly affect industries providing critical components, such as food products and pharmaceuticals, as well as industries with long supply chains.


Key findings
Global industrial snapshot
Key trends in brief
Areas of opportunity

Industrial Sector Today

Global industrial sector in 2019: Summary
Asia Pacific and North America drive production value growth
Construction and service industries were among the best performing
Global export value reaches USD24.6 trillion in 2019
COVID-19 impacts energy and tourism-related sectors

Global Outlook

Global production value to return to growth
Asia Pacific to account for 45% of global production in 2030
Germany and the UK to drive growth in Western Europe
North America to sustain steady growth
Pharma and hi-tech goods to drive manufacturing growth
Education is the best performing services category
Asia Pacific to drive construction industry growth

Top Five Industrial Trends

Top population trends impacting economies, businesses and consumers
Microfactories can help to diversify risks and add flexibility
E-commerce sales to grow in importance
Transformation of supply chains to accelerate
Production localisation of critical components to accelerate
Companies will face pressures to meet sustainability goals
Key trends in brief

Rankings of Key Indicators

Production value
Market size
Pharmaceuticals and medical equipment
Hi-tech goods
Food, beverages and tobacco
Transport equipment
Construction and real estate


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