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Hair Care

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Gen Z, TikTok and the Future of US Hair Care Appliances

Lauren Acker

Lauren Acker

19 Jan 22

Over the last few years, sales of hair care appliances have remained relatively stable in the US. Trends that have been impacting sales growth are consumers’ interest in minimising heat damage, simplifying their routine, and embracing their natural hair texture. Consumers are investing in higher-quality hair care products that enhance the health of their hair, and changing their hair care routines to reduce the usage of heated appliances.


Beauty and Personal Care in Western Europe after COVID

Chloe Maarek

Chloe Maarek

22 Mar 21

Beauty and Personal Care in Western Europe suffered a decline in 2020 as a result of lockdowns, social restrictions and shop closures. Although the region's top markets remained slightly resilient, sunny Mediterranean countries that are heavily…