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What Next for Airline Players in the Post-Covid Business Environment?

Nadejda Popova

Nadejda Popova

20 Aug 21

The airline industry is coming out of the pandemic completely transformed, with fewer operators in the market, as they seek operational efficiencies, fight shrinking cash flows and declining business travel, whilst driving a wide range of cost cutting measures and substantial restructuring programmes. Sustainable transportation is set to become the real game-changer in the post-pandemic business environment for airline operators, as consumers increasingly embrace more responsible tourism.


Pepsi Overhauls Marketing "For the Love of It"

Howard Telford

Howard Telford

8 Jan 19

Pepsi unveiled its first new global brand platform in seven years, introducing a new global tagline, ‘For The Love Of It’, which brings the focus of its marketing back to the product, as the new ads focus primarily on the cola drink. According to…