Personalisation and the Rising Demand for Individual Experience

March 2022

Consumer demand for personalised solutions is spreading across consumer goods and services, influenced by considerable improvements to technologies that can match consumers with outcomes, and experiences that address their wants and needs. This movement is proceeding across industries as varied as beauty and personal care, home care, food and beverages, and travel, though differences in consumer acceptance, price points and technological development will influence near-term consumer usage.

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Key Findings

Beauty sprints ahead with tech-led innovations but prices keep personalisation contained for now

Personalised beauty has grown rapidly, with a range of customised, bespoke options that incorporate tech-heavy products and experiences, from DNA testing to skin/hair care analysis, and tracking devices to virtual reality try-ons. Prices have yet to catch up, keeping some of the services niche for the moment.

Mixing-in-the-moment technologies drive personalisation in home care

Mixing-in-the-moment technologies are allowing for true “batch-of-one” solutions in home care, where ingredients are dispensed with precision for both dosage volume and timing. These innovations are only the tip of the iceberg, with near-term expectations of more complicated mixtures of fluids for various home care needs.

Personalised nutrition and health tech point the way forward for food

COVID-19-era considerations around preventative health have stimulated demand for personalised recommendations for food. Consumers are attentive to managing nutritional deficiencies and disease with products that track health concerns like blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol, and link them back to specific foods.

Increased interest in and understanding of natural actives push interest in bespoke drinks and tobacco offerings

Individualisation is driving interest in personalised drinks and tobacco offerings, whether through defining the levels of alcohol, caffeine and sugar in a bespoke beverage, or changing the level of nicotine and the flavour profile from moment to moment in an e-vaping device.

“Go big” mentality drives interest in personalised luxury travel

Coming out of the pandemic, travel has seen a boom in upscale and luxury services through the incorporation of expert support and personalised travel recommendations. These services are likely to engender strong consumer loyalty, as they will be able to anticipate and adapt to travellers’ desires on future trips.

Key findings
Three in 10 consumers are open to sharing personal data with private companies
The pace of development of personalisation across consumer goods and services
Personalisation to impact consumer goods and services industries
Personalisation contributes to the rise of new manufacturing technologies
Case study: Son of a Tailor reduces environmental impact by offering custom products
Case study: adidas applies new manufacturing methods to customise products
Personalisation in beauty and personal care spans a wide spectrum, from mass to bespoke
Personalisation expected to be a force in beauty’s future, but price balance a challenge
Anake personalised skin care service targets “skintellectuals” and overwhelmed shoppers
Function of Beauty’s acquisition of Atolla Custom Skin Care broadens skin and hair offerings
“Go big” mentality fuels personalisation in travel
Using personalisation to foster loyalty
Four Seasons welcomes back travellers with “Milestone Memories”
Origin uses AI to personalise travel
Technology-driven personalisation
Distinction between personalization and customization in the context of MitM
Beyond personalisation and into customisation
WashPass: Haier and accessible advanced laundry solutions
Moodo: Full control, fully customisable air care solutions
Preventive health concerns arouse interest in personalised nutrition solutions
Technology and digitalisation will drive the success of individualised smart food
MyAir provides personalised nutrition solutions to combat post-pandemic stress
Verdify combines nutrition and technology to personalise recipes matching lifestyle and diets
Personalisation in drinks and tobacco remains limited but opportunities exist
Device technology caters to preferences as wellness optimisation gains traction
Case study: Zippz’s off-the-shelf customisation signals future trajectory
Case study: Cana’s Cana One “molecular beverage printer” aims to be revolutionary
Demand-side influences support the rise of personalisation in the coming years
Personalisation to change existing supply chains
The future of personalisation in travel
Future outlook in beauty and personal care
The future of personalisation in home care
The future of personalisation in foods
The future of personalisation in drinks and tobacco
Three thoughts on the future of personalisation
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