Preventative Health in Western Europe In Consumer Health, Packaged Food and Beverages

March 2021

In Western Europe, the preventative health trend was accelerated by consumers’ rising health concerns due to the 2020 global pandemic. This resulted in several product launches positioned under the immune boost and/or wellbeing umbrellas. This report explores the impact of this trend and discusses the strategies used by companies to leverage it, and consequently offers suggestions for brands looking to position or reposition themselves in that space.

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Preventative health positioning offersgrowth opportunities for brands 

Health takes centre stage

Targeted and holistic preventative health claims have proliferated across several industries as manufacturers tap into increased health anxiety and a widening definition of good health among consumers.

Immune boost could also be a sales boost

Adding vitamins C and D to products, positioning probiotics as an immune health supplement and highlighting the naturally occurring vitamins in their products are all strategies manufacturers are leveraging to fall within the immune support umbrella.

Redefining wellbeing

Product launches facilitating wellbeing through relaxation, stress reduction, mood and sleep enhancement by leveraging functional components such as adaptogens and CBD.

An ever-evolving health landscape

It remains to be seen whether immunity will remain a key concern as countries emerge from the pandemic, however the connection between mental and physical wellbeing and a holistic approach to health will continue to drive behaviour and purchase choices.



Key Drivers of Preventative Health in Western Europe

Pandemic accelerates shift to preventative health but Europe lags behind
Immunity-boosting solutions and a holistic approach to wellbeing rise

Preventative Health As: Immune Boost

Immune boost claims increase as pandemic exacerbates health anxiety
V itamins C and D remain most widely used immunity-boosting ingredients
“I mmunity ” increasingly finds its place on front of pack
Probiotics blur the lines between immunity and holistic wellbeing claims

Preventative Health As: Wellbeing

Adoption of a holistic approach to health: physical and mental wellbeing
Consumers see stress relief as key to preventing ill health
Age-old ingredients offering a new pathway towards wellbeing
CBD well positioned to tap into holistic wellbeing trend
New launches position CBD as wellbeing enhancer that supports good health

Future Implications of Preventative Health

Brands’ responsiveness to evolving consumers’ health concerns is key
Evolving health landscape creates unique threats and opportunities

Consumer Health

It is the aggregation of OTC, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements (VDS), Sports Nutrition, and Weight Management and Wellbeing

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