Savoury Snacks in Western Europe

January 2022

Retail sales of savoury snacks increased strongly in 2020, with people snacking more in the extra time spent at home due to Coronavirus (COVID-19). While growth slowed markedly in 2021, sales were still at much higher levels than prior to the pandemic. Sales of savoury snacks will continue to grow over the forecast period, but will be increasingly impacted by consumers’ rising health concerns and industry players’ efforts to match their needs.

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Key Findings

Growth slows after the spike in 2020

The region as a whole, as well as most of its countries, saw stronger retail value sales growth in 2020, as more consumption occasions were moving into people’s homes due to lockdowns and working/learning from home. While growth slowed significantly in 2021, it was still positive, with some of the changes seen a year earlier persisting into the new year, given the continued presence of the COVID-19 virus in the region.

Health trend continues to be seen in savoury snacks

Even in potato chips, often seen as an inherently unhealthy product, a rising trend towards healthier varieties can be seen, eg baked rather than fried, or containing less fat or salt. The health trend is also helping drive sales of vegetable, pulse and bread chips, the most dynamic product area, with nuts, seeds and trail mixes adding the most new market growth over 2016-2021.

Players emphasising their “Frenchness”

In the French market there is an increasing emphasis on savoury snacks that are made in France. PepsiCo, under its Lay’s brand, proudly displays labels stating that 100% of its potatoes are French. It has also introduced flavours and product names to enhance the Frenchness of its products, such as Mediterranean or Paysanne. Intersnack (Vico) has employed a similar strategy to highlight its exclusive use of French potatoes, while promoting its French factories by adding a French flag on the front of its product packaging.

Further positive growth expected

Savoury snacks will continue to record positive growth rates in the coming years, becoming stronger as the forecast period progresses. Nuts, seeds and trail mixes will drive actual sales growth, while vegetable, pulse and bread chips will continue to be the most dynamic category, with health concerns remaining to the fore in Western Europe over 2021-2026.



Key findings

Regional Overview

Western Europe records above-average growth in 2016-2021
Savoury snacks sales expected to continue seeing positive growth
Germany and Spain add the most new value in 2016-2021
Nuts, seeds and trail mixes the major growth driver in Western Europe
Nuts, seeds and trail mixes performing strongly in the major markets
Weaker 2021 performance follows strong 2020 growth
Modern grocery retailers dominate regional savoury snacks sales
E-commerce gains share during the pandemic

Leading Companies and Brands

Top five players generally account for more than half of total sales
PepsiCo and Intersnack continue to lead savoury snacks
UK the main revenue generator for a number of top 10 players
Lay’s, Pringles and Doritos a strong top three

Forecast Projections

Continued growth expected for savoury snacks in Western Europe
Healthier variants will continue to gain ground in savoury snacks
Turkey to see dynamic growth with its increasing GDP and population

Country Snapshots

Austria: Market Context
Austria: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Belgium: Market Context
Belgium: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Denmark: Market Context
Denmark: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Finland: Market Context
Finland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
France: Market Context
France: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Germany: Market Context
Germany: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Greece: Market Context
Greece: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Ireland: Market Context
Ireland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Italy: Market Context
Italy: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Netherlands: Market Context
Netherlands: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Norway: Market Context
Norway: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Portugal: Market Context
Portugal: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Spain: Market Context
Spain: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Sweden: Market Context
Sweden: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Switzerland: Market Context
Switzerland: Competitive and Retail Landscape
Turkey: Market Context
Turkey: Competitive and Retail Landscape
UK: Market Context
UK: Competitive and Retail Landscape


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