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Surface Care in Latin America

February 2023

After surface care sales spiked in Latin America in 2020 due to the pandemic, growth slowed in 2021, before slipping into decline in 2022, albeit remaining at higher levels than pre-pandemic. Industry players, retailers and consumers are now struggling with rising costs/prices, with many shoppers looking to buy through promotions and special offers, which is impacting growth in real value terms. Nevertheless, increasing sales are currently expected for surface care over the forecast period.

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Key Findings

Growth slips into decline in 2022

Although consumers still have heightened hygiene levels compared to pre-COVID-19, after slowing in 2021, growth dipped into negative territory in real value terms in 2022. However, the size of the demand spike seen in 2020, meant that Latin American surface care sales were still above pre-pandemic levels in 2022. Home care disinfectants recorded a large fall in sales in 2022, but it had also seen unprecedentedly dynamic demand in 2020, as consumers strived to keep their homes clean.

Regional players remain important in Brazil

Considering Brazil’s large geographic size, regional home care brands play an important role in surface care. Gtex Brasil, owner of the Urca brand, acquired four small home care manufacturers in 2022. This has added five additional factories to the company’s production operations and could enable it to gain share in the coming years, by strengthening its presence in regional markets.

E-commerce remains a minor channel, despite gains made during the pandemic

Although it still remains a relatively small channel, with a share of less than 5%, e-commerce recorded very strong growth across the region in 2020, with consumers isolated at home and concerned about spending time in store-based retailers with the COVID-19 virus in circulation. Nevertheless, the online sales share will likely remain relatively limited, given most surface care products are easy to pick up when doing a one-stop shop in a supermarket or discounter.

Expansion of wipes category in the pandemic will help drive future growth

After a decline in 2022, albeit following very dynamic growth in the two previous years, home care wipes are expected to see positive growth over the forecast period. Distribution was expanded during the pandemic, with these products appearing in more small local grocers, while the assortment of available brands and products also increased due to COVID-19.

Key findings
Latin America seeing sluggish performances
Surface care expected to immediately return to record positive growth in 2023
Mexico adds the most new sales over 2017-2022
All-purpose wipes and multi-purpose cleaners add the most new sales in 2017-2022
Most products in decline in 2022 after the pandemic-induced growth spike in 2020
“Green” products continue to gain ground in Mexico
While m odern grocery retailers dominate surface care in Latin America...
…small local grocers still account for a quarter of sales
Top five players account for upwards of 50% of sales in most markets
Multinationals generally lead the way in Latin American surface care
All players bar Clorox generate their greatest sales in Brazil or Mexico
Lysoform slips down the rankings as demand for home care disinfectants normalises
Positive annual growth rates expected throughout the forecast period
Mexico will drive the regional surface care market over 2022-2027
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