The Evolution of Men’s Grooming

August 2023

The evolution of men's grooming, fuelled by growing self-care, societal change, and the rise of gender fluidity, significantly influences the market. Trust and brand loyalty play major roles in male consumer decisions, bolstered by increasing grooming content over social media. Budget reallocation due to grooming behaviour shifting and inflationary pressure will negatively affect the market value. Despite the challenges, untapped and oncoming Gen Z consumers have gained prominence.

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Key findings

Men’s grooming outperforms wider beauty and personal care industry

The sector witnessed modest fluctuations in per capita spending between 2017-2022, mainly due to the pandemic impacting purchases to categories like deodorants and fragrances. Regions like Western Europe, North America, and Australasia led in per capita spend due to premiumisation and improved grooming habits. Inflationary pressures led men to prioritise premium products in categories like fragrances while trading down on general care products.

More consumers are exploring beyond basic grooming products

The evolution of self-care among men, fuelled by societal change, interest in advanced care and styling, and the rise of gender fluidity, significantly influence the men's grooming market. This shift has led to more men exploring beyond traditional grooming categories, opening up to a broader array of beauty and personal care products.

Social media content serves as a significant influencer for men’s grooming

Even though grooming behaviours vary among consumers from different countries and generations, trust and brand loyalty play a major role in male consumer choices, bolstered by increasing content about grooming tips and product information over social media.

Top trends provide unexplored market opportunities

The men's grooming landscape is being reshaped by the rise of genderless beauty brands and men's cosmetic surgeries. Gamification becomes essential to actively engage male consumers, while Gen Z's digital-first and exploratory approach directs market trends. Additionally, men's grooming is expanding into holistic wellness spaces.

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Key findings
Men’s grooming outperforms the broader beauty and personal care industry in 2022
Polarisation of per capita spend between developed and emerging markets
US drives global growth while China and India lag behind
Inflation affecting beauty and personal care players from all regions
Companies conscious of which categories consumers are willing to absorb higher prices
Male expenditure on BPC products rise in 2022 but inflation influences spending habits
Men’s fragrances and men’s skin care offer future market potential
Manscaping projected to ease future decline of men’s shaving
Hygiene categories benefit from activities outside the home post COVID-19
Hair care expected to benefit from growing popularity of facial hair
Mature markets demanding advanced men’s skin care products
Men’s fragrances see potential in the premium sector, but hindered by unisex trend
More male consumers embrace using colour cosmetics for a more sophisticated grooming
Men’s grooming routine are becoming more sophisticated
Grooming and purchase behaviours vary among consumers in different countries and generations
Male consumers rely on trusted recommendations and show high brand loyalty
I ncreased skin care knowledge leads to specific demand for specialised products
Usage of hair loss treatments continues to grow beyond the pandemic
Social media contents influence and educate male consumers about colour cosmetics use
Market fragmentation continues to fall across key markets
Top five players witness shares recede as fragrance competitors bounce back
Top 3 brands hold rank while brands associated with out-of-home activity witness growth
Unilever continues to heavily support Dove in western markets via product innovation
Shiseido launched skin care brand SIDEKICK targeting Gen Z male consumers in Asia
UK start-up War Paint continues to tackle colour cosmetic taboo among men
Chinese indie brand DearBOYfriend resonate with consumers as a lifestyle brand
Channel shift to E-Commerce and beauty specialist for a variety of options and convenience
TikTok empowers marketing and sales of men’s products to a vast young male user base
UK health and beauty specialists bolster male portfolios through indie brands
Top trends provide unexplored market opportunities in men’s grooming
Men’s grooming to be challenged by genderless beauty brands
Growing male cosmetic surgery creates new demand on advanced post-care products
Spotlight: How is gamification developing within men’s grooming?
Blurring of beauty and wellness: Opportunity for the establishment of “mega-brands”?
Gen Z to shape the future market with their digital-first feature and eagerness to explore
Key findings
The evolution of men’s grooming
Opportunities and challenges co-exist in the future men’s grooming market
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