The Evolution of the Mental Health Landscape in Consumer Health

March 2023

Mental health has emerged as a key consumer demand in the years since the COVID-19 pandemic. This briefing will examine survey data to understand how consumers are managing stress, where they go for support, and what other health issues they suffer from. It will also review the emerging marketplace for multi-benefit mental health products by using Euromonitor’s Via e-commerce database to examine innovative product approaches and contemplate the direction that the market will go in the future.

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Key Findings

Reported rates of stress, high before the pandemic, were supercharged by COVID-19

Euromonitor’s consumer surveys reveal high reported rates of stress across geographies and consumer groups before the COVID-19 pandemic, with rates sustaining in the years since. Younger consumers and women are most likely to report high levels of stress, but rates are high across most consumer groups.

The marketplace for mental health supplements continues to grow at a dramatic rate

Mental health supplements have emerged from the COVID-19 era as the fastest growing benefit within the global dietary supplements market. Led by the US and China, consumers across cultures are experimenting with ingredients and formats though generally report dissatisfaction with treatment approaches so far.

Mental health correlates with higher treatment demands for a range of other health considerations

Consumers with reported high/extreme levels of stress also request solutions for several other health issues (such as sleeping problems, diabetes, obesity/weight management, joint and muscle pain, etc) at rates considerably above other consumer groups.

Mental health blends are increasingly popular, with cognition, sleep and immunity combos popular

Formulators have taken note of consumer demands that implicate mental health in other health conditions, with new multi-benefit products introduced in several markets since COVID-19 to address adjacent considerations such as cognition, sleep and energy, immunity, and women’s health.

Consumers gravitating to various formats for mental health support

Within consumer health, capsules and powder-based formats dominate the marketplace for mental health support, but emerging interest in adaptogenic products can be seen across soft drinks, hot drinks, packaged food, and beauty and personal care, allowing consumers new opportunities to engage with this topic.

Key findings
Sources behind the epidemic of stress
Consumers’ stress baseline is high; women are more stressed than men
Younger consumers report pronounced effects from stress and anxiety
The centrality of mental health on overall perspectives of health
Younger consumers more active in reducing stress
Consumers rate vitamins and dietary supplements highly when addressing mental health
Mood/Relaxing positioned supplements seeing surging growth since COVID-19
Mental health supplements are niche in most markets; global sales led by US and China
Consumers looking for mental health solutions, are not happy with their current approach
Ineffectiveness is the number one reason for consumer migration to other solutions
Concern for mental health coincides with elevated concern for other health issues
Consumer segmentation: Needs of consumers facing high/extreme stress, 15-29
Consumer segmentation: Needs of consumers facing high/extreme stress, 30-44
Consumer segmentation: Needs of consumers facing high/extreme stress, 45-59
Consumer segmentation: Needs of consumers facing high/extreme stress, 60+
The pernicious cycle of stress and sleeping problems
High/extreme stress corresponds with poor sleep around a range of habits
The emerging revolution of stress + sleep products
Stress and sleep and the integration with immune support
Weight management and the interplay with stress
Ineffectiveness of weight management solutions dissuade high-stress consumers
Digestive health an emerging area to combine with stress relief
Improving science in gut-brain axis opens new era for probiotics growth
Mental health and cognition combinations to address the factors inhibiting focus
The next wave of mental health supplement blends
Adaptogenic products overwhelmingly tilt to consumer health
Powders and capsules are the most popular formats for adaptogenic supplements
Ashwagandha the clear adaptogen leader, but the market has a dynamic range of ingredients
Benefit blends dominate the marketplace for mental health supplements
What to focus on to prepare for the next evolution of mental health products
Key takeaways

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