The Growth of Subscription Loyalty Programmes in the Americas

February 2023

Hospitality companies have experimented with many new types of loyalty schemes since the pandemic began. In the Americas, subscriptions have become an especially popular option. Subscriptions is a fast-growing segment for hospitality loyalty, with several successful and unsuccessful examples emerging in recent years. This report defines subscription services and identifies best practices for how hospitality companies can incorporate them into a broader loyalty strategy.

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Key Findings

Hospitality industry’s loyalty opportunity

The pandemic had an outsized impact on the hospitality industry. While this disruption created many challenges, it also created an opportunity for companies to re-focus on customer loyalty. Across the hospitality industry, companies are looking for new solutions to prioritise loyalty in their recovery efforts.

Inflation drives subscriptions’ growth

Inflation will be one of the most important factors impacting subscriptions and loyalty programmes in 2023. Subscriptions are especially well suited to target customers’ sense of rational loyalty, which prioritises cost savings in loyalty decisions. These cost-saving considerations are especially important in challenging economic environments.

Relationship to other loyalty programmes

Subscriptions are not a one-size-fits-all loyalty product. Companies that implement subscriptions should consider how they fit into their larger loyalty ecosystem. These companies should especially consider whether their products have the right price point to make for a successful subscription or whether other loyalty solutions may be a better fit.

Multiple revenue opportunities

Unlike other loyalty programmes, subscriptions generate a consistent revenue stream for their operators. This is one of the main features that pushes companies to adopt subscriptions. Companies may also use subscriptions as loss leaders, in order to get customers in the door and purchase higher-priced items.

Subscriptions lock in loyalty

Subscriptions create more loyal customers than free loyalty programmes. Consumers will be much likelier to stay loyal to a company they pay to subscribe to than one where they have joined a free loyalty programme. Subscriptions’ member base, however, will be smaller than for free loyalty programmes, creating a trade-off for hospitality companies to consider.

Executive summary
Hospitality loyalty’s moment of opportunity
How the pandemic has changed hospitality loyalty
The decline of business travel and growth of leisure
Inflation creates challenges and opportunities for loyalty
Shift to payments-based loyalty
Digital ordering gains drive re-investment in loyalty
Defining subscription services
Subscriptions SWOT analysis
Subscriptions address challenges with loyalty programmes
Subscriptions drive high value from a small customer group
Panera creates a loss leader subscription
Uber One subscription replaces company’s traditional loyalty programme
LATAM uses subscription to support traditional loyalty programme
Complex terms cause Tripadvisor Plus to underperform expectations
Alaska Airlines promotes subscription as counterbalance to inflation
Low-priced services drive the most successful subscriptions
Key traits for successful subscriptions
Consumer trends will fuel subscriptions’ growth in 2023
Future considerations for subscriptions-based loyalty
Key findings


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