Uganda Cities Review

June 2022

Lugazi and Kampala are Uganda’s most economically vibrant cities. The cities’ economic strength is partially supported by higher consumer expenditure and more extensive digitalisation, compared to the other Ugandan cities. Nevertheless, Mbarara holds the greatest potential for future economic growth. However, challenges for the country’s cities will persist – such as increasing global inflation, and in the longer run, burdens on cities’ infrastructure, due to large and increasing populations.

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Uganda Cities Review is based on Euromonitor’s City Scorecard. The scorecard is a benchmarking tool used to evaluate the consumer and economic performance of 1,000+ largest cities globally. The scorecard considers indicators across eight key pillars that are at the core of a city’s consumer market development. The scorecard is built by ranking cities in a country/regional context and provides an easy-to-understand system to quickly identify city-specific risks and opportunities.

Euromonitor’s City Scorecard covers over 30 indicators in eight pillars:
• Population
• Consumer Expenditure
• Digital Consumer
• Wealth
• Possession of Household Durables
• Economy
• Labour
• Transport

Uganda Cities Review helps to evaluate potential market size by city and formulate a more informed image of the urban consumer. Key economic indicators combined with income, spending and employment data help businesses map potential market sizes. Comparative data and newest city insights will help businesses customize and tailor country market entry strategies pinpointing the cities with the most future potential.

The Uganda Cities Review market research report includes:

  • Major Uganda cities scorecard
  • Detailed ranking of cities in terms of future growth, wealth, labour and other key consumer and economic indicators
  • Historic data on population, consumer expenditure, digital consumer and other indicators
  • Five-year forecasts of trends and city growth

The Uganda Cities Review in Uganda report answers: 

  • How does a specific city fair in terms of consumer market attractiveness compared to a country/region?
  • Which cities will be the fastest growing in Uganda?
  • What is the consumer market potential in specific cities?
  • Which cities in “Country” have the largest number of wealthy consumers?
  • How does the city affordability differ across country and region?
  • How does labour productivity differ across cities?
  • What is the household profile in different cities?

Uganda Cities Review


Kampala has the highest population in Uganda
Gulu falls behind among the major cities, with comparatively low internet access
Gulu has the best prospects for disposable income growth
Kampala to offer the highest consumer expenditure levels within Uganda
Kampala to remain the largest contributor to Uganda’s economy by 2026
Climate change effects in Gulu to intensify
Summary 1 City Scorecard by Pillar 2021
Chart 1 Population in 2021 and Population Growth 2021-2026
Chart 2 Population by Age by City 2021
Chart 3 Average Household Size by City 2021
Chart 4 Population Density and Net Migration 2021
Summary 2 City Scorecard in Population Pillar 2021
Chart 5 Total Consumer Expenditure in Uganda by City 2021
Chart 6 Consumer Expenditure per Capita and Consumer Expenditure Growth 2021-2026
Chart 7 City Affordability, Consumer Expenditure on Housing and Transportation 2021
Chart 8 Discretionary vs Necessity Consumer Expenditure 2021
Summary 3 City Scorecard in Consumer Expenditure Pillar 2021
Chart 9 Share of Households with Internet and Broadband Internet Access 2021
Chart 10 Possession of Digital Devices by City 2021
Summary 4 City Scorecard in Digital Consumer Pillar 2021
Chart 11 Disposable Income per Capita and Disposable Income Growth 2021-2026
Chart 12 Number of Households by Disposable Income Band 2021
Chart 13 Number of Households with Disposable Income Over USD150,000 2021-2026
Chart 14 Household Possession of Kitchen Durables by City 2021
Chart 15 Household Possession of Entertainment Electronics by City 2021
Chart 16 Household Possession of Other Durables by City 2021
Summary 5 City Scorecard in Wealth Pillar 2021
Chart 17 GDP per Capita in 2021 and Real GDP Growth by City 2021-2026
Summary 6 City Scorecard in Economy Pillar 2021
Chart 18 Economically Active Population in 2021 and Employed Population Growth by City 2016-2021
Chart 19 Labour Force Participation Rate and Unemployment by City 2021
Chart 20 Labour Productivity Value and Productivity Growth by City 2016-2021
Summary 7 City Scorecard in Labour Pillar 2021

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