Value Creation Through Back to Basics in Health and Beauty

July 2021

Evolving wellness priorities around physical and emotional health point towards simplicity, new perceived value and relevance that instils optimum quality and trust. This calls for a no-frills approach grounded in authenticity and expert-backed efficacy. A new value reset will entail a revisit of brand messaging and positioning, alongside fostering accessibility, inclusivity and purpose.

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Key Findings

Health and Beauty: Hybridity

New spending habits, routines and health priorities allow for value enhancement through the exploration of cross-category/ industry synergies and price blurring

Health and Beauty: Ingredient focus

Ingredient-led narratives to bring extra credibility of safety and transparency, while clinical efficacy/results are a must for higher value perceptions and quality assurance

Health and Beauty: Emotional connection

Diversification of functional ingredients that target blended physical/emotional outcomes; greater need to bring emotional intimacy into brand strategy

“Next normal” priorities necessitate value reassessment in health and beauty
Value Creation Through Back to Basics in Health and Beauty
Exploring Value Creation Through Back to Basics
Value Creation Through Back to Basics in-depth
Simplicity and minimalism
Product and price hybridity
Trust and efficacy
Holistic Wellness
Value Creation Through Back to Basics in focus
Companies are meeting the needs of consumers using various strategies
Simplification of routines and formulations: VENN Skincare
Simplification of routines and formulations: Mucinex
Embracing minimalism for mindful consumption: Minori
Exploring cross-category synergies and holistic multi-taskers: Olly Nutrition
Rebuilding trust in science for ultimate efficacy and radical transparency: Codex Beauty
Holistic and targeted need state segmentation: Rae Wellness
Endorsing social purpose, inclusivity and accessibility: TULA Skincare
Value Creation Through Back to Basics
Key Industry takeaways
Challenges to overcome
Become tomorrow’s next leader

Beauty and Personal Care

This is the aggregation of baby and child-specific products, bath & shower, deodorants, hair care, colour cosmetics, men's grooming, oral hygiene, fragrances, skin care, depilatories and sun care. Black market sales and travel retail are excluded.

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