World Market for Alcoholic Drinks

July 2023

As the cataclysmic, pandemic-induced declines fade in the rear-view mirror and the tidal wave of revenge conviviality that followed begins to break and subside, the alcoholic drinks industry narrative is facing a significant slowdown yet remains impressively resilient. What are the key themes identified across an industry facing a world in a state of permacrisis?

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Key findings

Resilience, recovery, realignment; bouncing back and braving the macro storm

A demonstration of the industry’s underlying strength in the face of a state of permacrisis, pandemic-induced losses are now largely in the rear-view mirror. However, a pivot towards the off-trade could be structural and embedded.

The space beyond: RTDs recover from their hard seltzer-induced hangover

While the hard seltzer phenomenon appears to be finally running out of steam, the baton of growth, innovation and momentum is passed on to spirit-based, cocktail-inspired RTDs.

Premiumisation against all odds: aspirational momentum overcomes inflationary crisis

Even though unprecedented inflationary pressures and the resulting cost-of-living crisis have taken a toll on discretionary incomes across many key markets, no significant shift towards economising or trading down has been witnessed yet.

Next-gen euphorics, alcohol proxies and “virgin” extensions: No/Lo comes of age

Adult non-alcoholic beverages are reaching escape velocity and evolving to incorporate functionality cues while entering the mainstream via iconic brand extensions.

E-commerce consolidates and cements its position; here to stay (online)

Even as anecdotal information suggests that the pandemic-induced explosion in online sales is slowing down or even taking a momentary step back as consumers return to on-trade and bricks-and-mortar channels, the trajectory of online sales will only grow from here.

Slowing down, normalisation and facing permacrisis
Alcoholic drinks: The global perspective and subtle shifts between categories
Headwinds intensify: getting worse before it gets better
Beer stumbles, spirits and wine tread water and RTDs embrace reinvention
Recovery narrative takes hold
Exploring downside risks: The spectre of stagflation lingers
From acquisitions to divestments
Riding the wave of revenge conviviality: Key players in post-pandemic bounce
RTDs, aperitivo hour and riding the Latinx wave in beer
Examining five trends shaping alcoholic drinks
Resilience, recovery, realignment? Bouncing back and braving the macro storm
The space beyond: RTDs recover from their hard seltzer-induced hangover
Premiumisation against all odds: Aspirational momentum overcomes inflationary crisis
Next gen euphorics, alcohol proxies and “virgin” extensions: No/lo comes of age
E-commerce consolidates and cements its position; here to stay (online)
Global snapshot of beer
Global snapshot of wine
Global snapshot of spirits
Global snapshot of RTDs
Global snapshot of cider/perry
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Australasia

Alcoholic Drinks

Alcoholic drinks is the aggregation of beer, wine, spirits, cider/perry and RTDs.

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