World Market for Consumer Electronics

July 2022

Consumer electronics continues its growth as the world transits into the New Normal. Retail value sales are projected to register a 4% CAGR over the forecast period. Manufacturers are prioritising components for higher-end models with better margins as global supply chain constrain continues to cause havoc globally.

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Examining Five Trends Shaping Consumer Electronics

Increasing prices

A combination of inflation and supply chain constraints have pushed up product costs, and manufacturers are shifting the cost on to the consumers.

Market leaders putting a stranglehold on competition

The leading companies have the financial might to out-develop and outbid competitors.

Focus on digital wellbeing

The pandemic has cast a renewed focus on the importance of health – both physical and mental wellbeing via the use of technology.

Investing in new technologies

New technologies will help companies to better engage with their customers, react to changing market conditions and generate new business models to ensure continued growth.

Design as a differentiator

Design will become even more important as companies are keen to avoid cutting prices to sell as design becomes a competitive advantage in order to stand out from a sea of look-alike products.

Examining five trends shaping consumer electronics
Strong recovery expected from 2023 as markets move into the new normal
Asia Pacific shift towards mobile first provides impetus for growth
India finally fulfilling its promise as the next big growth market
There is still a sizable group of consumers who prefer to buy from stores
Pandemic opens up the market for newer brands
Apple, Oppo and Xiaomi continue to win consumers over
Samsung – there are still growth opportunities for the market leader
Apple – flooding the market to address every (premium) price positioning
Chinese companies struggle to break into developed markets
Examining five trends shaping consumer electronics
Increasing prices are driven by technological advancements and component shortages
Market leaders consolidating their lead over competitors
Digital wellbeing driven by technology
Investing in new technologies to drive growth
Design is becoming an even more important differentiator
Global snapshot of consumer electronics
Global snapshot of computers and peripherals
Global snapshot of in-car entertainment
Global snapshot of in-home consumer electronics
Global snapshot of portable consumer electronics
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: Australasia
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Western Europe

Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics refers to the sales of Computers and Peripherals, In-Home Consumer Electronics, In-Car Entertainment and Portable Consumer Electronics to the end consumer.

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