World Market for Disposable Hygiene

June 2021

As markets emerge from the COVID-19-driven consumer environment, the disposable hygiene industry is expected to see continued growth, supported by recovery in developing markets. Industry players are responding to the need for affordable products, emphasising localised supply chains, while also exploring the path to premium innovation. Digitalisation is shaping consumer habits and brand strategies. The report analyses the state of the industry and some of the trends shaping consumer demand.

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Key Findings

Amplified wellness focus catalyses innovation and communication of multi-faceted care

The pandemic has intensified the pursuit for healthy lifestyles that balance physical and mental wellbeing, urging companies to rethink brand identities and deepen customer engagement by diversifying portfolios and prioritising wellness-centric communications.

Democratised personalisation strikes a chord with an increasingly diverse hygiene audience

As the hygiene customer profile continues to evolve and demand for personalisation rises, brands are reassessing portfolios and marketing, as well as ordering and delivery services, striving for a balance between customisability and inclusivity.

New formats and smart technology empower sustainable hygiene management

With sustainability increasingly engrained in everyday life, consumers expect to gain more control in managing every stage of personal hygiene, from product selection, condition monitoring to end-of-life recycling, driving the proliferation of reusables and smart wearables.

Affordable premium has become a new battlefield for emerging brands and private label

More consumers are price sensitive in purchasing, especially since the pandemic, and disposable hygiene is no exception, but many are not ready to down-trade. Manufacturers and retailers have found the sweet spot in affordable premium, which is gaining momentum.

Value-added and natural/organic features take premium brands to a new stage

Demand for high-quality products remains, and the leading players are catering to this demand by offering value-added and/or natural products. Being premium is no longer enough for consumers, especially amid the economic stagnation.


Examining five trends shaping disposable hygiene industry

State of the Industry

Global disposable hygiene forecast is for accelerated growth
Adult incontinence products lead growth across regions
APAC leads incontinence growth, riding population and lifestyle tailwinds
Recognising underserved population helps drive further advance
Format preferences suggest both growth hurdles and opportunities
Nappies/diapers/pants performance heavily shapes hygiene prospects
Efficacy and value-centred pricing remain top spending justifications
Sanitary protection languishes under weight of weak demographics
Contraception and reusables continue weighing on disposable formats
COVID-19 to uphold hygiene demand but with diminishing impact
COVID-19 economic fallout and economic recovery shape growth
E-commerce spearheads channel growth while grocers retain lead
E-commerce boom exhibits uneven strength across globe
Supply chain competency defines e-commerce’s long-term success
Digital world offers a versatile medium for engagement
Authenticity-driven marketing debunks stigma, furthers brand influence
Digitised, frictionless store experience upholds bricks-and-mortar lead

Leading Companies and Brands

Struggling leading manufacturers in emerging regions
Emphasis on affordability and wellness
Localisation of supply chain high on the agenda post-COVID-19
Adding to competitive dynamic through expanding local footprint

Top Five Trends Shaping the Industry

Examining five trends shaping disposable hygiene industry
Wellness-centric lifestyles reshape brands’ priorities
Multifunctionality tackles more with less
Diversification confronts widened wellness fronts
Personalisation forms pinnacle of personal hygiene management
Shoppable quizzes help pick the right bundle out of the myriad options
Inclusivity makes personalisation possible to more
Eco concerns uphold expectation for a greener post-pandemic rebound
Reusables carve out a growing niche among young shoppers
Smart wearables digitise urinary management; boost waste efficiency
The journey to super-premium
Economic struggles give rise to affordable premium segment
Premium perception alone is not enough for consumers
Affordable premium drives the nappies/diapers/pants category in Russia
Premiumisation through value-added innovations

Market Snapshots

Regional snapshot of Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot of Australasia
Regional snapshot of Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot of Latin America
Regional snapshot of Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot of North America
Regional snapshot of Western Europe


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