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World Market for Disposable Hygiene

March 2023

The disposable hygiene industry is expected to see continued growth after a temporary setback in 2022, supported by improved health awareness, product accessibility and income, particularly in developing markets. Moving forward, a more holistic sense of health stewardship will take hold, with much higher considerations of health outcomes, regimen care, convenience, customisation and sustainability. The report analyses the state of the industry and key trends shaping consumer demand.

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Key Findings

Demand normalisation despite temporary setback

While persistent inflation stalled a full demand recovery to pre-pandemic in 2022, it may ultimately prove to be a short-term phenomenon, with lifestyle shifts, value creation and disruptive alternatives shaping growth in mature markets, while demographic tailwinds, awareness growth and income improvement driving long-term developing penetration.

Mobility- and performance-forward segments demonstrate robust growth

As consumers request further health ownership with confidence, products demonstrating stronger performance, security and mobility assurance, such as thin high-absorbency pads and pull-ups, will remain an important source of growth and remain an area of substantial innovation.

Sharpened focus on efficacy with a stronger value positioning

New spending habits and health priorities lead to more consumers clamouring for products delivering higher cost-benefit ratio. Therefore, businesses have responded with a sharpened focus on ingredients and designs that help deliver tangible health outcomes such as skin care, protection, flexibility, odour control and convenience.

Digitisation and holistic care positioning empower further value creation

As consumers demand more ownership of personal health and wellness and become more sophisticated digitally, businesses will further leverage digital applications and business models to better understand consumer needs, incentivise consumer engagement, and explore and experiment adjacent new growth horizons to solidify loyalty and spending.

Sustainable consumerism drives more surgical thinking across hygiene product lifecycle

Companies are highlighting ethical sustainability across the supply chain as a part of brand strategy, focusing particularly on plastics reduction through plant-based sourcing and end-of-life management. However, cost and supply chain pressures urge more surgical thinking to find more pragmatic and meaningful areas of investment and collaboration.

Five trends shaping retail disposable hygiene
Inflation stalls demand recovery while accelerating nominal value growth in 2022
APAC drives long-term global gain despite COVID and demographic challenges in key markets
Unfulfilled per capita potential and menstruation population support developing potential
India is on track to replace the US as the second-largest market in menstrual care
Slim towel drives sanitary protection growth, powered mainly by Asia Pacific demand
Retail adult incontinence leads category growth across regions
State of adult incontinence in context: Retail segment to lead growth and gain further share
Retail incontinence performance can be further shaped by other paths to purchase
Retail adult incontinence currently remains a developed market-dominated category
Per capita gap and ageing population bode well for long-term growth in developing APAC
Products targeting moderate/heavy incontinence are expected to slightly outperform
Desire for mobility, comfort and dignity drives pull-up and adjustable brief usage
Nappies/diapers/pants projects strongest gains in developing APAC and MEA…
…which drive most new births with ample unmet per capita potential
Indonesia leads bulk of diaper gains due to birth and income growth and lifestyle shifts
Disposable pants projects faster growth led by APAC demand
Washable and hybrid formats further penetrate as greener complements
New washable launches shed light on inclusivity, sustainability and dignity
Baby wipes drives bulk of growth in disposable wipes
Relaxing cleaning intensity drives demand normalisation in wipes
Major increase in retail prices of disposable hygiene goods observed from Q1 2022
Record revenue growth across retail hygiene in 2022, as value sales surge in nominal terms
Bargain and quality balancing helps navigate sweet spot in consumer spending
E-commerce tracks tapered yet continued growth led by APAC despite grocers’ dominance
Differences in shopping motivations lead to phy-gital blend
Market leaders cede shares to rising local players
Procter & Gamble sheds share due to intensifying competition from upstarts
Evolving innovations and localisation drive Kimberly-Clark’s share growth
Narrowing quality gap and value sustain private label’s foothold in Western Europe
Five trends shaping retail disposable hygiene
Value for money is an attribute to stay, while ethical positioning gains long-term significance
Clean and green features recognised as top targets for innovation
Rising mobility and health expectation underpins skin- and comfort-centric releases
Local lifestyles and need gaps drive further tailoring of ingredients and formats
Digital instruments bring more precise and simplified hygiene experience
Sustainability actions extend from sourcing to end-of-life management
From down-the-waist cycle support to holistic gynae and life-stage care
Global snapshot of disposable hygiene
Regional snapshot: Asia Pacific
Regional snapshot: North America
Regional snapshot: Latin America
Regional snapshot: Western Europe
Regional snapshot: Middle East and Africa
Regional snapshot: Eastern Europe
Regional snapshot: Australasia

Tissue and Hygiene

This is the aggregation of retail and away-from home tissue and disposable hygiene products as well as Rx/reimbursement adult incontinence.

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